Easy Ways to Easter-ize Your Home

Easter is one of the happiest times of the year. The images of adorable bunnies and colorful fields of flowers dotted with Easter eggs are just too perky not to make you smile. You can bring Easter into your home without necessarily transplanting tufts of bright green blades of grass into your floor. Just a few touches here and there will be enough to Easter-ize your home. It’s easier to get creative with virtually all the colors of the rainbow (in pastels, of course) at your disposal. Take a look at these simple ideas that you can use to update your home with the season’s look and feel. These ideas do not involve anything permanent which makes it easy for you to switch things up and redecorate after Easter.

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stripes and dots…curtains and pillow case
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Bring out the stripes and dots. There is no need to repaint your walls in pastel colors for Easter. You can simply change the color palette and the patterns in your linen. This is why it is recommended to have walls in neutral shades. This gives you the freedom to get creative when you need to change the look of your room. Breezy curtains with pastel stripes work well this season. You can also have matching sofa and seat covers as well as throw pillowcases with a contrasting pattern of dots. See what’s available at your local fabric store and check out swatches before you decide on which colors and patterns to use. When you are redecorating a room, all components do not have to be in the exact same shade and pattern. But, they do have to match and look good together.

Easter centerpiece

Easter centerpiece
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Have an Easter centerpiece with a vase of spring flowers and some Easter décor at the base. Look for decorative eggs. There are Russian style decorated eggs called pysanky that gives an air of elegance. For a more playful look, you can use the ordinary plastic painted eggs and perhaps a couple of Easter bunnies. Don’t forget to put one or several bowls of Easter candies and chocolates on your centerpiece if you have children coming over. Just like Halloween, there’s nothing that excites little ones during Easter like a big bowl of sweet treats that they can dip their hands into.

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