The Effects of Hyperthermia

It’s expected to be hot this summer. Although the heat can be beneficial to health, too much heat can cause problems. This is especially true for the young and for the elderly. For starters, a person can suffer the effects of hyperthermia. Some of the earliest signs of hyperthermia is feeling confused and fainting. The heart can become overstressed and suddenly stop beating. Not all forms of hyperthermia are the same, but all can be potentially hazardous.

hyperthermiaHeat syncope is a form of hyperthermia that produces dizziness while someone is active in hot weather. Cramping can be a sign that a person is too hot. Heat edema is also possible from getting too hot. This causes ankles to swell when the body gets too hot. In the instance of heat exhaustion, it is the body’s sign that it is no longer able to cool itself down through sweating. Heat stroke is another potential problem and the most severe. In the instance of heat stroke, a person should get immediate medical help. People who don’t have air conditioning are at an increased risk. 

To counter the effects of hyperthermia, it is advisable to seek a cooler temperature. In the instance an air conditioner is broken, it is wise to seek the assistance with a repair company. Air conditioner service Hamilton can repair an air conditioner so that a home can stay considerably cooler than outdoors. Air conditioning repair in Burlington can provide relief to those hot summer days. Other ways to help with hyperthermia is to drink plenty of water, increase potassium intake, elevate legs while lying down and resting.

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