Energy Efficient Windows for Eco-Friendly Homes

Recycling, up-cycling, and water conservation are some of the efforts adopted by households to help protect the environment. But aside from these routine efforts, people can also help environmental causes by converting their old houses into modern eco-friendly homes. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend your entire savings for the renovations. Your home can turn into an eco-friendly abode one project at a time. Since energy costs for lighting and insulation are two of the common household concerns, you can start the transformation by having energy efficient windows in the house.

energy efficient windows

Carbon emission has been pinpointed as one of the culprits in global warming. Installing energy efficient windows can help reduce your carbon footprint by minimizing energy costs for lighting and insulation. Planning your window replacement project can start by evaluating your options. You can buy new windows equipped with energy saving features or have your existing windows retrofitted. The budget would of course play a major role in this stage. Those who do not have the budget to replace all the windows may simply choose to do replacements in the most energy consuming room in the house and just retrofit the rest.

The size, placement, orientation, and frame of the existing windows should all be considered when replacing windows. These factors can help determine the best design and most energy efficient option for the house. There are websites that offer tools for window selection as well as software like RESFEN and BEopt that can help calculate the energy use of windows in various building designs. Window performance can be measured through the U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, air leakage, visible transmittance, and condensation resistance. Products marked with Energy Star and NFRC labels offer some of the best options that you can find. Regardless of the brand you choose, new windows need to be properly installed to work efficiently. Your best bet is to have it done by professionals.

Window replacements can be quite costly but it is an investment that has long term gains. The household gets to save on energy costs and your carbon footprint is reduced. If buying new energy efficient windows cannot be accommodated by your budget then you can look into retrofitting options or a change in window treatments.

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