Essential Steps for Toddler-Proofing Your Home

You can hardly believe how fast the time has gone. Your little, sweet baby was just a newborn yesterday, and now he is walking around, exploring all the wonders of your home. While you probably baby-proofed before the bundle of joy arrived, having a toddler presents a new set of potential hazards. Of course you want to encourage your toddler’s newfound independence, but their safety is your number one priority. Keep reading for a list of areas in your home you’ll want to revisit now that you have a toddler.

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Keep Cords Under Control

Computer and television cords can prove to be an interesting game of tug of war for tiny tykes. Kids may want to explore what is at the end of the line, which is a recipe for disaster. You’ll want to use cord holders to keep your toddler safe from any electrical hazards or heavy equipment that is likely to fall with a few tugs.

Make Medicine Inaccessible

To ensure that your medicine stays safe from wandering hands, be sure to keep it far out of your toddler’s reach. Store medicine in the original, childproof container in high, locked cabinets. To dispose of old medicine that you won’t be using, before trashing it, trying putting it in a sealed bag with something your child obviously won’t want to eat, such as old kitty litter, coffee grounds, or dirt. And remember; never, ever call your medicine “candy” or a “treat”. These types of words will pique your toddler’s interest.

Batten Down the Hatches

Window stops, screens, locks, guards, and actuators should all be considered once your baby becomes mobile. According to the Journal of Paediatrics, more than 5,000 children need to be hospitalised due to serious injuries from falling out of windows. Even windows that seem out of reach of your little one might easily be able to be accessed with a little determination. Your best bet to ensure all of your windows are toddler-proof is to contact a window actuator provider to find out the best way to secure the windows in your home.

If You Plug It In, Take It Out

Perhaps you are in the habit of leaving such appliances as the coffee maker, iron, or toaster plugged in. However, many of these appliances can seriously harm your child if curiosity causes him to turn them on, or he decides to tug on the cord and the item falls or he gets entangled. Whenever you are not using a small appliance, you best bet is to unplug it and store it out of your toddler’s reach.

Updating your childproofing now that your baby is a toddler is an important aspect of maintaining a safe, comfortable home. While the above tips are meant to give you some general ideas of where you might want to emphasize your toddler-proofing efforts, the best way to baby-proof your home is to get down to the ground and see the world the way your child does. Crawl around on your hands and knees and see just what potential hazards are at your child’s eye level. Remember, toddlers are curious about almost everything they see. You may not notice a potential dangerous object on a low shelf when you are looking around as an adult, but chances are, your baby will.

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