Essential Tips for Closet Organization

Does it ever seem to you that you have too much stuff but nothing to wear? Or that you cannot simply find your way around your closet? Perhaps it is time to start thinking about reorganizing your wardrobe. So, unload your closet, say goodbye to all of the things you do not need anymore and make some space for new garments. They say that an organized closet is the first step towards an organized life. What do you think? These are a few simple tricks that will help you get your life…or closet in order:

What Do You Need?

When is the last time you have worn that dress? If you cannot think of the answer straight away, perhaps it is time to reconsider keeping that item. The first thing you need to do is remove all your clothes from the wardrobe. Thoroughly go through every item, examine whether you need it or not, whether it fits or not or are you planning on wearing it any time soon. Do not hold on to unnecessary items, rather throw out anything you do not wear anymore and make room for new things. Sometimes it is hard to separate from a piece that reminds of certain times, but perhaps it is time to make some new memories.

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After you have displayed all the remaining garments, the next step is sorting them out. The way you are going to sort them depends solely on your personal preference. Perhaps the most logical choice is sorting your clothing garments by seasons. Of course, there are also options of categorizing them by colour, fabric or even outfit combinations. The key is to organize your things in a way it will be suitable for you and make it easier to manage your clothes and accessories.


How many times has it happened to organize your wardrobe and the next thing you know your socks are mixed with your underwear and your scarf is tucked somewhere behind your trousers? In order to avoid this kind of mess, the best solution is to opt for dividers. Shelves, plastic bins or simple boxes are a great way to divide your clothes. Also, consider installing a closet organizer for a more efficient storing solution. A shoe rack is also a good idea, especially if you wish to save on some space.

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Make it Visible

There is no use of an ample space if you cannot make out any of your clothes. This is why it is a good idea to purchase some quality hangers and hang certain clothing garments to make them more visible. Also, transparent containers for underwear, socks and accessories is also a good way to keep things in order. If you still have a hard time finding your clothes, perhaps it would be a good idea to install some lighting fixtures into your wardrobe.


In the end, what matters most is to clear out your wardrobe and create a new, ample and organized space for your clothes. The next step is to sort out through all the garments you have picked out and consider what to do with them. If certain clothes are still in good condition, consider giving them to charity. On the other hand, if something is completely unwearable and does not serve its purpose anymore, it is a good idea to call experts like Sydney’s rubbish removal company to help you get rid of all the unnecessary items.

Keeping your closet organized is sometimes as hard as keeping your life in order. But with a few of these simple tips, you just might find a suitable solution for both. Just keep in mind that a messy closet is a sign of a messy mind.

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