Exciting Remodelling Ideas to Help You Sell Your Home

Remodelling the house in order to sell it can be a tough job. If you spend too little money, your house will look cheap; but if you spend more than you should, the house will look great, but the profits will be low. That is why you should have a reasonable budget and invest in projects that will pay for themselves.

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Repurpose a Room

Adding a new room sounds like a good idea, but it is an expensive project. Repurposing a room sounds much better. If you have an unfinished basement or an attic, this is your chance to wrap them up and give them a purpose. However, before demolishing the walls, think about what can be done with the room. Many potential buyers seem to be interested in rooms that are versatile or that are perfect for bigger gatherings. As far as basements are concerned, turning them into second living or game rooms is the most attractive to potential buyers. Also, people frequently turn them into a small apartment that can accommodate an aging relative or a tenant. As for the attics, they work well as craft and play rooms, especially if the buyers have kids.

Merge Two Rooms

Today’s homeowners like big open spaces in their houses, and merging two smaller rooms into a big living space will add value to your home. However, avoid eliminating the powder room and never merge two bedrooms in order to create one master suit. This project is perfect if you have two smaller rooms that have no particular purpose than to store your old, useless stuff. By merging such two rooms, you can easily create a play room for kids, a second living room or a guest room, or even expand the kitchen or bathroom.


Kitchen Remodelling

Investment in a better kitchen will always pay off and the value of your home will significantly increase. Potential buyers love fully functional, contemporary and efficient kitchens and most of your investment should go in such projects. Replace all the old appliances with new, energy-efficient ones. This raises environmental awareness and can significantly lower the electricity bills. Also, you can easily repaint the kitchen, provide the sense of a bigger space with lighter colours and add contrast with the colour of the cabinets or small details such as cabinet hardware. However, above all, the kitchen should have clean and working pipes. Make an appointment with your local plumber, such is the Plumber of Your Choice in Melbourne, and let the experts inspect and repair all the water installations. This small investment will pay off the most.

Floor Renovation

If you are trying to avoid floor renovation by adding wall-to-wall carpeting in any room, it will look like you are trying to hide something. This will be suspicious to potential homebuyers and the rumours will travel fast. The best option is having real wood floors. If you have them, you are lucky and all you have to do is sand them down with a drum sander if they are worn out. Minor scratches can easily be fixed with a circular sander and you are done. However, if you don’t have such floors, consider installing them, since that is one of the first things homeowners will notice.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal has many aspects, but there is one that should get most of the attention – the façade. A shabby façade never looks good and there are general contractors who can build you a new façade and make your house look amazing. While you’re at it, consider upgrading the insulation as well, since it will preserve the home’s temperature and lower the bills for the potential buyers. No one can resist the combination of these two, especially if they are done properly.

If you are looking to sell your house, these remodelling ideas will help you sell it fast and for a good price. Remodelling done well results in plenty of attractive offers and it is your job to pick one that satisfies you the most.

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