Factors to Consider While Shopping for Perfect Home Shag Rugs

Shag rugs are considered to be one of the most stylish elements for homes. They are not just used for adding value to the space but are also used for functional purposes. A lot of interior designers use trendy rugs to impress the clients by turning a dull space into an appealing one. Shag rugs have a unique feature; they immediately improve the aesthetics of any space and need no additional accessories. These are simply a perfect and easy option to make a room look elegant and luxurious at the same time.

Tips to focus on while selecting perfect shag rug


One cannot just go to the super mall and purchase any rug he/she finds in the stores. There are certain factors which are to be focused on before you purchase the best suitable shag rugs for your home.

1. Start with the colour: Make sure to choose a colour which matches the theme of your interior space. Choosing a wrong or bold colour rug for your home can spoil the entire look. Besides harmonizing the interiors, the shag rug colour should easily blend with the furniture of the room.

2. Quality is a must: Shag rugs are a bit expensive in nature, if you find any rugs with low price tags then leave them. It clearly means they are not of good quality. When supreme quality rugs are bought they shall stay with you for years to come.

3. Texture, pattern and size: After you are convinced with the quality and colour, check the size, pattern and texture of the rugs cautiously. If you have a big size room, then do not come home buying a small sized rug. It is a total mismatch. Pick up the size based on the measurements of your room. The pattern and texture of the shag rug you are choosing should be classy and graceful in looks.

4. Price: Try to stick to the budget you have in hand. Scout for options from one store to another, compare the features and price, and purchase the one which completely suits your preferences and budget.

5. Durability: Quality rugs are durable in nature, which means they remain in good condition even after years of buying. Even if that means investing more money to get the rug you desire, it will surely prove to be a fruitful investment in the long-run.

Types of shag rugs


Let us have a look at the top shag rugs available in the market. Try to understand how they are before making any decision of purchase.

  • Wool rugs: Shaggy and noodle rugs are the forms of wool rugs. They are most commonly found in the houses. Noodle rugs are thick and soft, while shaggy rugs are made from 100% wool and are woven by hand.
  • Acrylic rugs: These are used for rough purposes and do not look pretty good for homes.
  • Flokati rugs: They are made from handmade wool and can be found in many varieties. They are fluffy and smooth in texture, and needs a lot of maintenance.
  • Leather rugs: These are low maintenance rugs and are available at varied prices. They are easy to clean and can look good in bed rooms but not in living rooms.
  • Synthetic rugs: They are not considered to be the best, but are used in most houses. They require low maintenance and are inexpensive.

Make sure you remember all the points mentioned above when you are purchasing the rugs for your home. Get the best one to enhance the look of your home.

Image credits: fr.dreamstime.com and fotolia.com

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