Find a Scenic Spot

One afternoon, around 1pm, I was walking along the right of way behind our house going to the nearby supermarket when I saw a heap of garbage to my left.

It was not the most scenic route going to Robinsons Supermarket but I did not really have a choice. Come to think of it, the three routes going to the Triangle Mall from my house are not scenic at all.

Going back to the garbage heap, a thought flashed in my mind as I passed and I grimaced–Ewwwww! Then I glanced up to my right and on the second floor was a balcony and there was woman leaning on the baluster and munching on some after-lunch crackers. She was staring at the garbage heap!

Gee. If you really want to relax after lunch, would a garbage pile relax you? Well, I guess it works for this woman.

Anyway, if you want to relax and you have nowhere to go, then get yourself a pot of indoor plant. Take care of it and nurture it. That would be relaxing. Taking care of a living organism brings out a different aura. Or you may want to buy one of those desktop zen fountains from CD-R King that you could just plug into your computer through the USB. That will be more relaxing, especially if you cannot find a scenic spot or a garden nearby and you already want to de-stress.

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