Get Rid of People Who Stress You Out

I had been greatly blessed lately with the words of fellow blogger, Atty. Eli Gatanela. Without his permission, I am quoting him here as I got these from his Facebook statuses, but he will soon know anyway. Peace, Atty! 😀

People start drama because they are bored with their pathetic lives, so they go and try to mess up another persons life. The best thing to do is rid these folks out of your lives and then you will find that a lot of weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

I had been thinking a lot lately after an incident last Christmas in church. Honestly, the event was just another ooopsie for me, a learning experience. But one person did not think so. I had been called hypocritical, thick skinned, stage mother, no shame, and such other negative adjectives without really knowing me or what is in my heart. I was ruffled a bit but I did not want that to ruin our Christmas.

And so this next line from Atty. Gatanela also hit me:

People may hurt you, but the best revenge is just moving on and getting over it. Don’t give someone the satisfaction of watching you suffer…

Yes, I am moving on by God’s grace. I don’t feel angry at that person at all. And well, thankfully, I am not suffering either. Actually, I feel pity for the other person because I know that this person was really fuming mad at me because otherwise, those sharp words would not come out.

And lastly:

Never let anyone steal your joy. Life is too precious to waste time on negative people.

This is so true. Joy should come from knowing that Jesus is our Savior. And no one could take it away from us.

Anyway, it is just easier though if I were not to see that other person again. But the fact is, I will still. And I guess that is part of God’s molding. How I would react if I see her would determine the kind of Christian I had become. When I was attacked with words, I resolved never to go low and fight back. I said never.

I am already bracing myself in case I hear something when I see this person again. And as such, I said that I will not answer negatively. I will not fight back. Life is too short for revenge. It is God’s place to avenge, not mine.

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  1. Nowadays, one of the biggest health concerns for people is stress. Stress can be the cause or mimic many other illnesses or disorders and should be avoided as much as possible. Of course, it’s easier said than done. You can’t just magically say, “No more stress in my life! I’m going to relax!”

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