Give Your Home an Uplift – 7 Trends to Follow

If you happen to be planning a little home renovation to give it a fresh and stylish vibe, you probably came across hundreds of different styles, trends and interior design musts. So, if you feel a bit overwhelmed, allow us to point you in the right direction. These home design trends are beautiful, practical and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

natural tones

Warm, deep and natural tones

The previous years were all about Scandinavian style with whites and grays and bleached wood. But, even though this style is still going strong, it’s going through some changes. For instance, it’s starting to embrace some more saturated and rich tones like deep red, natural terracotta and dark green. One of the designers’ favorites is Black Flame, a deep and soothing mixture of black and navy. All of these colors can uplift the sterile Scandi design, while still staying true to its minimalist aesthetics.

Classic terrazzo floors

You might know terrazzo from those old ‘70s movies when this flooring material was everywhere. Today, it’s coming back stronger than ever! One of the reasons for its amazing popularity is its versatility: terrazzo can be used for floors, ceilings and walls; it’s super durable and cheaper than marble; and comes in an unlimited range of different colors! Terrazzo is great for kitchen floors and countertops, as well as backsplashes and bathrooms. So, if you’re planning on making changes to your floors or your countertops, you know which way to look.

mixing metals architecture

Mixing metals

Even though metals go well with any interior style and any color palette, there was a “rule” that metals shouldn’t be mixed. We don’t know who said it, but they aren’t right. Different metals with various finishes can add depth and interest to the space. They will also create a feeling of a lived-in home instead of a matchy-matchy staged space that has no character or history.

Comfort is in

There is an obvious shift towards more casual design that focuses on comfort rather than aesthetics. The home should serve as an oasis of peace from the cruel and turbulent outside world. That is why we can see more and more people yearning for comfort and reassurance, especially those living in big urban environments like Sydney. This trend will be most visible in furniture where the stars of the show are comfy sofas, soft round rugs and plenty of pillows for added coziness. You can find a comfortable chaise lounge that is perfect for watching TV, chilling out with family or even taking a nap. It’s inviting you to sit, throw your feet up and forget about the outside world!

stone sink

Stone sinks

If you’re planning any updates for your bathroom or kitchen, you might want to ditch the old ceramic and stainless steel sinks. Instead, opt for stone sinks that have a strong organic vibe sprinkled with some rustic design. These sinks fit in perfectly in contemporary spaces where they add interest and natural feeling.

Built-in bars

Those people who love to entertain will get the chance to up their game with built-in bars. More and more people opt for this great entertainment addition. They add charm to the space while providing people with a place to socialize and hang out. Built-in bars will be big in upcoming years, so take it into consideration.


High-tech additions

We live in a world that is ruled by technology (in a good way), so we need to start making our homes smartphone friendly. Simple gadgets like smart thermostats, security systems or smart light bulbs will make their way into our homes to make our lives easier.

This year brings many amazing design changes and revives some forgotten design stars. So, no matter which trend you choose, it will certainly elevate the look and feel of your home and make it stylish, comfortable and trendy.

Image courtesy of Pexels

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