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Something that I aspire–to spend more time with people who matter to me. Photo not mine.

I have been crying a lot lately. Blame it on birthday melancholia, monthly period hormones, work stress, death in my husband’s family, lack of sleep, or lack of sugar and carb in my diet. But I had just been really weepy.

Looking back during my birthday reflection, I had been thinking of finding ways to lessen workload in order to spend more time on what matters most–family. I am looking at lesser work but more pay, which means in short–working smart.

But how?

I am already thankful that my blogs are gaining acceptance so that means more readership as well as more income. I have made offline investments for my daughter’s future. Online, I have invested some money, too. But this one is still in its earliest stages so I am not yet about to reap a harvest here. But hopefully, I will have a significant harvest.

Anyway, today, Sunday, we opted to worship at home and spend time with my family (husband and daughter) in the morning. For lunch, we stayed home and spent it with my in-laws (MIL, PIL, SIL, BIL). In the afternoon, we three took a nap. Late in the afternoon, we visited my parents where Dindin had a field day jumping and running around the lawn. We left before dinner in order to visit a principal sponsor during our wedding who has had a heart bypass several months ago. We were not able to visit him so we thought of stopping by even for just an hour.

And I am glad we visited him because we confirmed one difficult choice that we made last year concerning our church membership.

Anyway, I am looking forward that God will honor my desire. I commit everything into His hands.

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