Green Homes for a Greener Planet

Building a green house or renovating to make the house greener is a trend that has persisted for the past couple of years. In studies conducted by realtors and home builders’ groups, energy efficiency is one of the features homeowners want in a home. People put more premium on homes that are designed to be green in aspects that go beyond the paint on the interiors. The long term benefits of these green homes make them more attractive than conventional houses.

green home

New technologies in coming up with alternative building materials from
renewable sources have made it possible to build greener homes.

A recent innovation in green homes is the use of multi-split heating and cooling systems. Homes in Europe were the first to be fitted with these systems. Builders in other countries including the United States soon followed suit and acquired the technology to design and install these home systems. The efficiency of such systems come from the lack of ducts in the installation. Studies by energy experts reveal that there is a considerable loss of heating or cooling when air passes through the ducts. Since the multi-split system is ductless, the air temperature is maintained as it is distributed to the various rooms in the house. Builders estimate the installation of these ductless systems to be around 12% cheaper than conventional duct installations. Even more savings can be expected in terms of running the entire system.

Aside from this new technology, various appliances used in the house continue to be redesigned to be more energy efficient. Energy Star ratings are still popularly used in determining energy efficiency. Energy saving features are also added to these appliances to prevent them from using up power unnecessarily. Power saving gadgets are also available in the market. Expert builders and decorators would be able to help homeowners make green choices in furnishing their homes with these appliances and gadgets.

New technologies in coming up with alternative building materials from renewable sources have likewise made it possible to build greener homes. With all these developments in the building industry, people are learning to be more conscious about the way they consume earth’s resources. This could be reason enough to have high hopes about keeping the earth safe and livable for a longer time. Building and maintaining green homes definitely contributes to the protection of the planet.

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