Happy 2012!

As we usher in the New Year, let us contemplate on our lives and try to re-arrange it so that this year will be less stressful than it was.

Honestly, my holidays had been really hectic. It was the most stressful time of the year that I wonder why we go through such. I had been very happy with the events and in spending time with family and friends but through it all, my body is just exhausted.

I had been wanting to get a full body massage but I had not done it till now. And a facial, too. We had just been very busy going to and fro and in standing in queue. Tsk. tsk. I have decided that we will take things lightly next year. I had been so tired and I did not have the appetite to eat. If there is any good side effect to this, that is I lost 7 pounds for the holidays! Ain’t that great?

Anyway, for the New Year 2012, I just wanted to share this message with you. It is from a greeting card that a friend of mine got from another friend.

Just for today, do the things you like the best.
Ignore the routine, put your troubles to rest.Just for today, make a wish, make a plan.
Close your eyes, dream a dream. Believe that you can.

Just for today, laugh out loud.
Sing a song. Be assertive, be silly. Be happy. Be strong.

Just for today, do it all once. And then if you like it…
Tomorrow, do it once again.

Sometimes it’s easiest just to think about one day at a time.

Happy New Year, everyone! 😀

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