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If you are in charge of maintaining a large university or college cinema/lecture area then one of the common problems you probably come across is broken seating. On top of this, frequent usage can often make the seating look tired and even become uncomfortable over time. If your commercial cinema is looking a bit tired, it’s time that you start thinking about getting more modern seating that is better equipped to take the strains of everyday usage. You can find lots of different styles of seating and other similar stores.

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University campuses are particularly prone to wear and tear, through many lectures taking place throughout the day and perhaps the careless actions of students can take its toll on your seating. There are lots of new seating types that can handle usage better and make sure that the audience are able to concentrate in lectures rather than trying to get comfortable on an old rickety seat. Once one student starts messing around with their seat, it soon disrupts the entire group and you’ll be left with a rather unhappy lecturer. Maybe you could cheer the lecturers up by installing special electric reclining seats for commercial theaters.

The great thing about maintaining a university campus is that you get lots of out of term times to get maintenance done. What can seem like a really huge job can get done surprisingly quickly without any disruption to classes.

Another big problem for student’s concentration is noise. If they can hear noises outside the room or hear traffic going past then this will be a big distraction. There are lots of sound proofing solutions that you can install to give students the best chance to take in as much information that they can without having irritating distractions.

For more ways to help students block out those distractions, take a look at this article by Oregan University for helping students to concentrate in lectures. Some of the topics covered include:

Lighting – Have you checked how well lit study areas are? Do you perform frequent checks to replace any broken lighting?

Temperature – One of the worst environment issues for students is trying to study in a room that is too cold or too hot. Try to regulate the temperature as much as you can.

Of course there are lots of things that you can’t control that can cause distractions. However, if you can make the environment as comfortable as you possibly can, you can rest assured that you are doing everything in your power to help them. They probably won’t credit you with the increased exam results, but you can certainly use it in your evidence when it’s time for your appraisal. The environment is a significant factor in studying success and it should be treated that way, instead of trying to save money out of the maintenance budget.

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