Home Event Decorating with Flowers and Decorations

Our love for flowers comes from the ever-inspiring homage they bring to our homes and our lives. We use flowers to liven up a dull low-lit corner of the home or perhaps celebrate the coming of a new season with Jonquils or Hyacinths. Other useful ways to use flowers around the home are for parties and functions, perhaps you’re having visitors around and would like to impress them. Flowers have the power to create good vibes & moods. Their fragrance can fill a room with the sweet smell of Spring fused with freshly cut flowers. For centuries people have used flowers for a multitude of purposes, but decorating homes is by far one of the most popular with over 70% of people buying flowers to take home and the remainder to send as gifts to friends, relatives or colleagues.

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Birthday Party Celebrations

Having a home birthday party can not only help save $$ but also help get more closely acquainted with friends and relatives in a comfortable environment, one that people are familiar with. For undertaking such an event you would be required to do a lot of planning and preparing for the big event. Whether you’re shopping for food, accessories or decorations, organizing a party can require large effort on your behalf. Decorating and preparing the home is only one aspect of the event, but done sequentially and timely can be very rewarding and low demanding.

1. Plan the rooms for your event
2. Pre visit a home decoration shop for balloons, streamers & other decorations.
3. Organize flowers for the day
4. Organize food and drinks

There’s nothing that says your event can’t go smoothly assuming you pre plan everything well in advance. Have a small organizer with dates and times for appointments. Pre book your cake and flowers to ensure timely delivery on the day. Ensure the invitations are sent well in advance so they do not interfere with other people’s plans. To make it easier on the day, you can even hire a catering company. They have consultants who can package a deal depending on the number of guests and offer delivery or in-home cooking on the day.

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Color Coordination

Although most people will color coordinate quite well, there are some small tips on making small altercations to make that wow finish. Never incorporate more than 3 colors this also applies for flowers, it can get messy and complicated and look very washed out. Normally 2-3 colors works well for any event. If you’re celebrating a young girl sweet 16th or 18th birthday, ask your daughter for her opinion. You’ll be surprised by the knowledge young children have and it’s always great to get them involved in organizing the event. Some popular flower colors for a girls birthday include pink & yellow and purple & pink. Contrasting hues that are pleasing to the eye work wonders and can really change the mood in the room. Remember when color coordinating, ensure you also color match the flowers to your chosen décor. Depending on the season and flowers you’ve chosen, remember that some flowers like Lilies need a number of days to blossom. Always ask your florist for their advice and you can ask them to have the flowers open for your chosen date in case you are not sure. You should also follow the latest flower trends online to get an insight into what’s hot and popular.

Event styling should be fun and a fulfilling experience. You can ask your children or a friend to assist you. This will take much of the pressure off you and also getting feedback and a second opinion on flowers and colors is helpful.


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