Home Improvemement Tips for a Better Resale Value

simple house

A simple three-bedroom model house that I got from the internet. I like it. I want to visualize having a house of my own. Photo from cxhomesandproperties.com.

When you buy real estate properties, you will realize that they aren’t always going to be in the best possible condition. Each and every person just has a different idea of maintaining their homes.

As a real estate developer or investor, you will see that properties will be on all ends of the spectrum in terms of physical state. So if you are in it for the business and would like to earn more in your venture, you will have to know where to be able to save in terms of remodeling your home.

Now, your goal is to first find sources of materials that offer the cheapest value. This is not saying that you buy cheap materials, but you should buy from a supplier who sell the same quality material for a lesser amount of money. As a real estate developer, your budget is something that could make or break your profit. You have to spend your budget wisely because in the end, the amount of money you put into a project could actually make or break your reputation as a good investor.

If you go to a home improvement warehouse, you will see a staff of professionals who can help you fulfill your project. They come from different suppliers, with each one able to present the strengths and benefits of the materials or products they are selling. Listen to them, but ultimately, you will have to make the decision yourself.

Here are some points to ponder when doing a remodeling job:
Kitchen. Remodeling the kitchen will greatly improve the house you are selling. Choose granite countertops and stainless steel appliances–they are great for the packaging.

Bathrooms. Improve the plumbing, change or upgrade old fixtures, and use a combination of paint and tile work on the walls.

Yard. Spend some money in yard improvement. That will give the buyer the first impression. Needless to say, an impressive yard will likely give the house more leverage in the market. You may want to add some amenities like a furniture in the patio, an outdoor living room or an open fire pit for family barbecues.

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  1. I also read the door can make or break the house’s look lol. Try painting it red to attract possible buyers? ahaha 😀

  2. That’s certainly a good looking house. I would love to own one something like that in the Philippines. One day. The key thing is the location and always will be. And of course redecorating it as well.

  3. it is really quite difficult to sell a house that has been standing for years and with the presence of many real estate development companies offering the most modern dwellings, remodeling a house to sell it should be comparable to those of the latest housing projects…but of course, there are so many factors to consider too.

  4. RonSilvoza.com says

    i really can’t comment much yet coz i don’t own a house myself pa.. but i guess it’s going to be beneficial for me if i get my own house na and if i plan to sell it off in the future.. 🙂

  5. nice small house for small family. We just bough a hose that needs a lot of remodelling. We do it little by little though. thanks for the remodelling job tips

  6. good advice to invest into the yard. beautiful yard always gives a lasting impression

  7. thanks for the great tip… i like that house, simple yet so homey 🙂

  8. Well, this is a good idea. For your house to have a higher appraisal value, you have to do some home improvements but you have to consider several things in the process. And all those are listed in this blog in full detail.

  9. Investing in a real estate business is real risk for it requires a huge amount of money…and the risk can result to either success or loss.

    Btw, I would be very contented to have a home like this in the picture plus the yard. I am fed up living in a two story house.

  10. it’s so amazing now of how technology has been a part of modeling a house and plan for it. you can picture out your dream house and see the reality. very smart!

  11. Remodeling houses should be given careful thought to ensure that the expense will actually add to the over-all value of the house.

  12. Nice house and landscaping!

  13. I like the house, wish I have a house like that. looks spacious.

  14. Wow I like the style bungalow siya and then 3 bedroom…

  15. If a house is well-maintained, there will be no problem when it comes to resell value especially if it has a good location.

  16. life and living says

    i guess, if your planning to resale your house, you really need to introduce improvements and put some great accessories for a higher bid.

  17. You are right, making some redesigning and improvement to the house indeed could increase the resale value.

  18. According to our Eng’g professor before, the walls and the bathroom should be focused upon remodeling as these are the parts that most buyers looked at

  19. I have a dream board where I posted a house the same similar to yours… I love your design.. simple lang and not so costly to construct..

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