How to Add a Radiator To a Room Without Making It The Focal Point

If you are looking to undertake some home improvements or add a radiator, there are several ways you can undertake this subtly. At present, you can have the chance choose from a number of different radiator designs as well as products. Yet thanks to the latest innovations in home design you can have the ability to enjoy a wide variety of creations. It can prove to be a minefield when selecting the ideal one for a room but you need to have a clear vision. Radiators can add value to any interior, but how can you go about adding one without taking over the space entirely?

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One of the best things that you can do is to take advice on the matter. In this way you will be able to seek crucial advice from leading experts concerning all manner of radiators. Seeking counsel from an interior designer can ensure;

• The radiator will not become the focal point of the room.
• That you make the right decision when it comes to selecting a particular radiator.
• You are pointed in the right direction as far as designs are concerned.


Another important point to take into consideration is the fact that you should look at the size of the radiators. This is because buying a larger product will again take over the interior space. Points to consider in this instance include;

• Choosing a product which can easily fit into your room whilst not making it the centre of attention.
• Measuring the space carefully in order to gauge which radiator will be suitable.
• Opting for one of the smaller sizes if it is part of an extensive collection.


In order to make something stand out, you might want to take the less is more approach. Whether you are looking to buy Column radiators or another type of radiator product, you need to think about the impact. Installing a stylish radiator that is both minimal and sleek will certainly create the right impression among both your friends and family.


You can also look at the wide variety of radiator materials which might be available. In this way, it can create that long lasting impression whilst at the same time;

• Having the opportunity to create that wow factor without taking over the whole feel of the room.
• Installing a high end product constructed from a high grade material which will add plenty of sophistication to your interior.
• Being able to choose from a range of finishes that will be a nice addition to any room.


When looking at installing a radiator, the position of the product is essential in order to avoid it becoming the focal point. At the end of the day you don’t really want it clutter up the overall space. Therefore before you fix it into place;

• Make sure that you place it somewhere tucked away i.e. in the corner of the room.
• Mount the actual radiator behind a concealed area so that it is completely out of sight.
• Position it strategically behind a sofa or couch so that is not in the way.


You can always invest in some larger pieces of furniture that will take away the attention from any given radiator. This can take several forms but placing a chaise longue not to mention a bigger coffee table will help in numerous ways. From period furnishings to some well-chosen classic French design, a bold piece will certainly take away the focus.


If you are looking to install a radiator, whilst making it a subtle addition to any room, you should look at combining it as a general theme. This means it will blend in beautifully into the background and as a result;

• Will not have any type of effect on the overall look and feel of the interior space.
• Will not take centre stage as part of the room design.
• Provide inspiration and not take the attention away from the main pieces of furniture or décor.

There are many things to note when adding any type of radiator to a room. Yet if you think carefully and take a less is more approach, it will become a simple yet understated element of your interior plans.

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