How to Create Your Own Urban City Garden

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Has the city life made you boring and tired? Doesn’t it stress you to be trapped between the four walls of your apartment? Well, if the answer is yes, you need to start changing things. But most importantly you need your own small garden. By growing these in the middle of the city you will provide yourself with peace, pleasure and even with fresh fruits and vegetables. What is more, this is one nice hobby to take up, because it encourages bonding with nature and boosts your creativity and health. Here are some ideas.

Rooftop Gardens

If you do not have enough space for a regular garden, then the rooftop garden is the best solution. First of all, you will have to check if these types of gardens are allowed by rental property rules or home owner association regulations. Secondly, you will need to hire a contractor or an architect just to make sure that your building can withstand a whole garden at the top and if everything is safe and stable you can start designing it. Even though your building is strong enough for your garden you still should not use too heavy objects and pots. You can arrange your plants in plastic and fiber glass containers and use lightweight soil instead of regular dirt. Also, you should make a plan for providing enough water to your roof. Plants that are exposed to sun this much, need to be watered frequently, so you should install water storage, or an automatic watering system.

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Balcony Gardens

Cities usually lack space for growing gardens. However, if you have a nice spacious balcony your problems are solved. When making your balcony garden you have to decide on which type of plants you need and want. The best choice would be decoration plants which can withstand any weather conditions and exposure to sun. Also, you should pick colorful plants which can make your balcony joyful and beautiful to everyone. When you have chosen the plants you need to choose the right pots. The drainage of water is very important so you should plant the flowers into pots made of porous materials like terra cotta. And, of course, you should pick some colorful and interesting designs for you pots to make your garden playful. In addition to all this, if there is enough space, you can arrange some furniture to complete the look and provide yourself with a nice contemporary garden design.

Create Your Own Relaxation Zone

City life has its amounts of stress and tension. That is why you need your personal relaxation time every day. The best place for relaxing has always been the nature, and you should grow your own relaxation zone. Pick your favorite flowers and plants for this type of garden so you would be surrounded with pleasant smells and images. Also, among the plants you can arrange a statue or two of your desire as well as some furniture that you find relaxing. Here you can enjoy a relaxing cup of tea or coffee or you could even do your morning yoga and exercises. Another interesting idea is to plant some fruits or vegetables that can be grown in pots as well as some spices and other organic food you like. Growing and taking care of these plants can be relaxing and you will have fresh vitamins every day.

Bonding with nature is very important, especially if you live in a big crowded city. By using some of these ideas for designing gardens in a smaller space you will be happy with your everyday life, you will have some fresh fruits and vegetables every day and you will be able to relax in the best possible way.

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