How to Decorate Your Family Home’s Patio

Decorating your family home’s patio requires much more forethought than you would have previously had to put into decorating the patio of a house you lived in with your buddies during college, or indeed that you and your spouse would have had to put into decorating you patio before you became parents.

This is due to a number of factors, including your desire to appear grown up (even if you sometimes wonder if we ever really do grow up) among family and friends, as well as to simply create a nice, not too hot, not too cold environment in which you, your spouse, and your kids can spend your time during the warmer months.


Rather than print a list of personal-taste decoration tips that could be a million miles away from your own personal tastes, below we’ve detailed four areas that you should focus your own tastes towards, with all four areas (we believe) being necessary to creating the perfect family patio.

1) Focus on Your Seating and Table Arrangements

Outdoor patio seating can be incredibly varied, with this being the one area in this whole article that you’ll have to place the majority of your focus, as high-quality patio furniture doesn’t come cheap.

Some patio seating and table arrangements you should look into using, depending on the personal needs of you and your family, are:

–    The standard outdoor dining table and chairs: Similar to the dining room table set-up inside your home, this makes for an easy transition between indoor and outdoor eating.

–    Relaxed lounging: Looking more like a collection of sofas and footstools, these aren’t great for eating in but they’re perfect for relaxing in on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

–    Coffee-table style seating: Usually consisting of wooden seating with seat cushions and accompanied by a wooden coffee-table height table.

2) Choose a Climate-Applicable Patio Roof

The roof of your patio will also need to be given a fair amount of consideration depending on how humid your part of the country gets during the summer months.

If you have a lot of trees hanging overhead you patio you may just need a single skin patio roof, which gives you the benefit of allowing a significant amount of sunlight to still come through, while blocking you from sitting in direct view of the sun. On the other hand, your patio may require an insulated patio roof to help keep in the heat on the cooler ends of the summer, while sheltering you from the strongest rays during the height of the season.

3) Add Some Greenery

Just because you have a stunning green garden doesn’t mean you can’t add more greenery to your outdoor space by placing potted plants all around your patio.

Many plants, of course, simply don’t do well in pots. If you want to add a little colour to your patio, while ensuring you won’t have to replace them every summer, consider potting some:

–    Dahlias: Tall yet still suitable for (larger) pots placed on your patio, dahlias are the equally colourful yet under-utilised cousin of tulips

–    Tulips: Tulips are a popular flower to be potted (and placed in an arrangement) due to their vast range of bright colours and general sturdiness.

–    Iceland Poppies: Known for not growing too tall, Iceland poppies keep their weight long, meaning they rarely appear to be drooping.

4) Don’t Forget Your Nighttime Lighting

During the height of the summer (and often for several months either side of it) your outside patio area will be warm enough to spend your evenings out there, without it being too humid to stay out.

During these evenings outside you’ll no-doubt appreciate the benefits of having some nighttime lighting around your patio and garden to light the way, with LED lighting being as useful outside as it is in your home. Due to your outdoor lighting being exposed to the weather you must ensure any lights you place on and around your patio are certified for outdoor use.

In conclusion, decorating a patio for your family’s home comes down to focusing on a few clear areas, such as your outdoor seating and table arrangements, your patio roof, your outdoor greenery, and your nighttime lighting so to create an outdoor living space that fits in with your family’s needs.

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