How to Keep Your Garden Looking Pristine in the Autumn

Keeping any outdoor space clean during the height of the fall season can seem impossible with leaves and twigs falling everywhere and the wind whipping everything about. Indeed, keeping a truly pristine garden in the autumn can become a full-time job if the appropriate measures aren’t taken to make clean up and maintenance easier. With that said, let’s look at five tips you can use to keep your garden looking pristine this autumn:


1. Install a Leaf-Catching Net

Although leaf-catching nets are typically used to cover pools and ponds, who’s to say you can’t use one to protect your garden as well? Keep in mind that the net doesn’t necessarily have to be a “leaf-catching net,” as just about any net can work with a bit of resourcefulness and creativity. Most flexible nets with small holes will work to get the job done. Simply create a few makeshift posts to secure the corner of the net, and you should find it much easier to dispose of the leaves that collect on top, rather than letting them accumulate on the ground around your garden plants.

2. Keep Leaf Bins in Close Proximity

Leaves fly everywhere at the slightest gust of wind, so be sure to have your bins located close to the edge of the garden. This way you won’t have to keep coming back to clean the same spots, and when you do have time to get some raking done, you won’t be wasting your time travelling from the garden to the dumpster. Furthermore, bins and barrels are a lot easier to work with than flimsy plastic bags.

3. Make Tidying Up a Short Daily Task

Keeping a garden pristine isn’t as difficult when you make tidying up a short daily task, rather than a daunting weekly or monthly task. Sure, leaves can fall at an alarming rate during the autumn, but anyone should be able to stay on top of the amount that can fall in a single day.

4. Use Walkways to Make the Entire Garden Accessible

Nothing is more aggravating than trying to poke at a tough-to-reach spot in the corner of your garden with a rake. During the autumn, leaves tend to fall into every nook and cranny, which is why every area of the garden should be easily accessible from a path or walkway.

5. Switch to Artificial Grass

Removing leaves and debris from a lawn made of artificial grass is much easier than raking out of real grass, which tends to get caught in the rake and is more stubborn and unpredictable than turf. For this reason, a strong and easy-to-clean artificial grass like Grono can make garden clean up ten times easier in the autumn.

Save those Leaves for the Compost Pile!

Once your garden is looking great and you’ve got all those pesky leaves neatly bagged and ready for disposal, don’t be so quick to throw them in the landfill. Instead, consider working them into your compost pile to add a huge amount of nitrogen and other beneficial nutrients to the soil for the following year.

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