How to Maintain a Small Yard

We’ve all heard the expression ‘time poor’ and unfortunately, it applies to most of us. Combined with ever-increasing property prices, this has seen a huge rise in homes with smaller yards. Obviously, the less land you have, the less time and money you need to spend maintaining it. So what do you need to do in order to maintain a small lot? Read on…

small yard

Battery operated garden tools

Over recent years, there has been some revolutionary changes in the world of power gardening tools. Compact lithium-ion batteries now power lawnmowers, line trimmers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers and even chainsaws. All of the top power tool brands, like Ryobi, are creating fantastic ranges of powerful and long-lasting tools that give amazing results.

These batteries have amazing life between charges and the real benefit is their versatility as they can power a range of tools. They are also quieter than conventional petrol-fuelled power garden tools and there are no exhaust fumes. These are hugely beneficial for owners of smaller parcels of land, given closer proximity to neighbours. There are a range of different sized models, for example, an 18V lawnmower which is perfect for mowing small to medium sized yards.

Automated irrigation systems

In keeping with the mantra of ‘keeping it simple’, another excellent way to reduce the time and costs of water in a smaller yard is to use an automated irrigation system. These are easy to install, just pay a visit to your local hardware who should stock all the necessary components. This includes small and large plastic tubing and a variety of attachments. The larger tubing runs the length of your garden, while the smaller tubing branches off to water specific plants or sections. Simply connect to a pressuriser and your tap to deliver water throughout the entire irrigation system.

You can also attach a timer to your tap and the system, to ensure your garden gets watered whether you’re at home or not. In addition to being a very easy and convenient way to water your plants, these systems are also incredibly water efficient, saving you money on your water bill and reducing consumption of this precious resource.

Low maintenance plants

Another key element for small garden design is easy-care plants. This means trees, shrubs, grasses and groundcovers that have a low to medium rate of growth, as you don’t want to be constantly pruning and trimming. Also aim for varieties that are drought tolerant and don’t require a lot of fertiliser. Hardier plants are much easier to maintain, tend to thrive with neglect and will again reduce the amount of time you need to spend maintaining your garden.

Paving and decking

Small yard really lend itself to paved and/or decked areas. In fact, some small outdoor areas use these materials for the entire yard, creating a zero maintenance ‘garden’. This is a fantastic way to create highly functional and usable areas for everyday cooking and eating as well as entertaining. Simply add a BBQ, outdoor table and chairs, some potted herbs and you’re good to go.

Smaller yard offers the convenience of having an outdoor living space, but with much lower maintenance requirements. They’re fantastic for busy people on-the-go and therefore, have become a popular lifestyle choice for many.

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