How to Make an Open Pile Organic Compost in Your Garden

Starting an organic compost pile in your garden is an eco-friendly way of disposing your organic garbage and make rich soil out of it which you can use for your plants. There are actually a lot of ways to start an organic compost, you can simply work on a pile on the ground or use composting bins and tumblers that needed daily turning. For those who are more comfortable working on their backs, an open compost pile is the best option for you. You can simply dig a hole in the ground to pile your garbage and turn it with a shovel and pitch fork whenever it’s convenient for you.

organic compost

Organic Compost by Grant Cochrane

To make composting really work you need to research thoroughly and make sure that you have all the needed ingredients. There are two main ingredients in composting, that is the green material and the brown material plus there is also the activator and water. These major ingredients will work on breaking down waste into dirt, thus they should be well balanced. One thing that you should keep in mind is to prevent your compost pile from smelling. This can be done by minimizing its moisture content and by not piling on too much green material.

Green materials for your compost pile may include fruit peels or rotten fruits, grass clippings, dead plants or flowers, egg shells, vegetable matter, chicken manure, aquarium water, algae and others. Brown compost materials include dried leaves and corn stocks, shredded cardboard and uncolored newspaper, small branches and twigs, dried potato plants, legume and others.

Existing compost and manures work as activators for the organic compost you are starting. You can ask a friend who also compost for some humus soil or compost, or you can buy used Steer manure from local gardening store for very low prices. For starters, dog food and cat food are also alternative activators for a compost pile for your garden. Chicken manure is one of the best activators for composting if you can get some of it from poultry farms.

Turning your organic compost pile regularly is also very essential. It should be ventilated and watered to ensure that the elements are mixed properly and broken down as needed. Composting can take a lot of effort in the beginning but when you start producing rich humus soil to mix with your garden soil, you’d be rewarded with healthy plants and produce.

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