How to Make First Impressions Count with Your Office Furniture

Just like every successful business man or woman, every office needs to be dressed for success.

Taking care to furnish your office premises with quality furniture and fittings is the first step in making the right impression on your clients, customers and personnel because a first impression is a lasting one.

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Shabby, outdated or untidy offices are the hallmarks of a chaotic, unreliable and outdated business.

Make sure your business makes a lasting, positive, first impression on the people who matter by following these basic design principles:


This is the first area your visitors are likely to see. Give them a positive experience here by making sure the space is well-lit, immaculately clean and comfortable enough for them to relax in if they are kept waiting.

Good reception areas have a welcome desk, comfortable seating, promotional material about the business, evidence of any accolades such as awards or customer testimonials and a few personal touches like fresh flowers and refreshments.

Combine those things with a friendly face and your positive first impression has already been made.

Management and Conference Facilities

As a company or department head, you’re entitled to certain privileges and high quality office furniture is one of them.

However, great office furniture and design is much more than a perk of working your way to the top. Your office is a status symbol commensurate with your position. It creates the impression of success and marks you out as an asset to an organisation.

Invest in executive furniture that represents the ethos of your company. If you work in a modern, fast-paced industry, an L-shaped or curved workspace with glass or wood veneers makes the right statement while giving you the functional space to handle computer and document based tasks.

If you work in a historic industry like law or banking, then equip your office with more traditional furniture. A heavyweight solid wood or classic reproduction desk is symbolic of your position of authority within an important institution.

Equip your management or conference facilities with leather chairs and complimentary refreshments to ensure that the employees or visitors who use them are well catered for.

Attention to detail in these areas could turn the good first impression you made in reception into a great one.

Work Areas

Too many companies make the mistake of investing in quality furniture for their reception and boardroom areas and then neglect the rest of their premises under the assumption that clients or customers won’t see them.

Legitimate business partners, employees or customers themselves like to see where their money is being invested and will often ask for a tour of your premises. Don’t cut corners and risk giving the impression that you don’t look after your employees – they are your biggest asset.

Make sure that your office workers have the right equipment to work safely and comfortably in.

Ergonomic chairs, adequate desk space, storage equipment and a rest area are the basic requirements of any office.

Complement them with some pot plants, colourful artwork for the walls and let your employees personalise their workspace. Keeping them happy ensures that as your visitors walk around, they see a smiling, productive workforce who when asked, are enthusiastic about your business.

For more advice or information on how to dress your offices and make the right first impression every time, contact the experts in workplace interiors at Planscape.

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