How to Make Sure Your Inventory Remains Safe and Secure

Keeping your inventory safe and secure is important to your business as loss of stock can mean big problems, especially if it is occurring a lot. There are a number of ways you can do this, so no matter whether your stock is in the form of information, or if it is physical items, you will be able to make sure that it remains safe and secure using some simple methods. Here are 5 ways to make sure that your inventory remains safe and secure.

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Stock Management Systems

How you manage your stock is going to reflect how secure it is and how many issues you have with keeping control over what stock you have. Effective management of stock includes knowing how much you have at any one time, through doing stock takes; knowing who has access to it, and how it is being registered when it moves or is sold. Put in place effective systems of checks and balancing to ensure that you are not losing inventory.

Hierarchy of Access

Having a hierarchy of access will ensure that you know who has access to stock at any particular time. If only one person is responsible for the inventory and only they have access to it then it is their responsibility to ensure that it is kept safe and secure. This way if other staff members need something they can go that person who will update the inventory list when something is removed.

Lockable Storage Units

A great option for valuable items, or if you are unsure about how secure your workplace is, is to have lockable storage units installed. This will mean that staff will need to use a key to access them so you will always know who is accessing them at a time, and you will have the peace of mind of knowing that they are being kept safe and secure at all times. If things do go missing, you will know where to look to ask about what is going on!

Backing Up Information

If your work involves a lot of information that is stored on a computer then it is really important to have processes in place to back up regularly. If the information is particularly sensitive there are ways of having security software installed on the computers on the data base to encrypt the information, so that it remains safe and secure. No matter what information you are working with, even if it is just your regular business info it’s important to back up regularly so that you don’t lose that valuable information.

Warehouse Storage

If you currently have your business spread around a few different premises, that means that you have many different areas that require you to ensure that everything is safe and secure. Having it all consolidated into the one business premises in a warehouse will mean that you have more control over what is there, and keep track of all of your inventory under the same roof. Check out for info about storage solutions for your warehouse.

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  1. lockable storage unit for me is important to keep product inventory not only safe and secured but you can monitor inventory by tracking how many items have been pulled out of the storage on a daily basis 🙂

  2. Security and constant checking is crucial with it to.

  3. Before I went to college, I worked for few years as inventory clerk in a warehouse. Having a system for checking inventory is a must.

  4. Company must invest into a reliable safety system because it’s for their own benefit. Their company and clients or employees information is at stake if they don’t have one.

  5. it is a must for every company to have a sound inventory system to make sure their stocks and stash are safe, secure + well-accounted for

  6. These are indeed very useful tips for the safety and security of companies,

  7. Thanks for these helpful tips! Will share this to my dad-in-law who is managing a textile business.

  8. Keeping inventory safe will help prevent company loss.

  9. It’s hard to do inventory when it involves numerous products. I think another way is setting up CCTV in your storage area so you would easily monitor if there are thieves stealing your products.

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