How to Make the Most of Outdoor Areas in Winter

Outdoor areas are a wonderful way to expand the living space in your home. They’re also ideal for entertaining all year round and for balancing the stress of modern life by simply enjoying the great outdoors. However, do you find yourself only really using your outdoor area during the warmer months rather than in winter? Here are some top tips for sprucing up your outdoor living space so you make the most of it 24/7.

Outdoor heating

outdoor heating
The easiest and fastest way to make your outdoor areas warmer in winter is by getting some heating. The proximity of your outdoor area to your home will determine what’s feasible in terms of heating. Portable gas heaters are the most popular choice for when it comes to outdoor heating solutions. They come in an array of different styles and heating capacity. For smaller spaces that flow directly from your house or apartment, reverse cycle air-conditioning may even be an option if you have blinds or louvers that you can close to trap in the heat. For large outdoor spaces separated from the main building, you might want to look into open fire places.

Awnings and blinds

Both of these products can provide a cost effective and quick solution to making your outdoor area cosier in winter. The aim here is to create a wind break and seal off the space as much as possible, ensuring you can trap in as much heat as possible. Clear plastic roll-up blinds are an excellent way to give your outdoor area ‘walls’ without disturbing your sense of connection to your garden. Retractable awnings can also help to create a wind break and can also double as a way to keep your outdoor area cool in summer, particularly if it’s located in the hot afternoon sun.

Renovate and extend

renovate and extend
If you are a serious lover of the outdoors and want to use these external living spaces more regularly and all year round, you may want to consider modifying or renovating them. For example, you might be able to install some large louvers or shutters that will help to keep out the wind and retain the warmth generated by outdoor heaters. Another option is to great a sunroom. A sunroom is a major extension and will give you extra living room and space throughout the year, as well as adding significant value to your home. Be sure to talk with a builder who has specialist experience in sunrooms, such as Additions Building, so that this extension is designed and built to match your position and needs.

Outdoor areas have become an invaluable part of any home. There is nothing like being outside to relax, eat and entertain. However, if your outdoor area is just too cold to use in winter, there are a number of ways to warm it up. In doing so, you’ll also add much needed living space to your home. If you add key features such as louvers, or extend and create a sunroom, you’ll also add significant value to your home.

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