How to Plan an At-Home Wedding

Do you have a beautiful, large home where you can host your wedding and be with all of your closest friends and family for your very special day? Then continue reading for a few tips that will allow you to bypass having to host your wedding at a venue so you can instead host it in the comfort of your own beautiful home or the home of a loved one who’s willing to graciously host you and your guests.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Crew

The home that you choose to host your wedding in, whether it is your own abode or that of a family member or friend, will need to spotless on your big day. Therefore, it is recommended that you clean your home an entire week prior to the big day. The best way to avoid the headache and hassle of doing it all yourself is to hire a professional cleaning company who can do some serious deep cleaning and make your entire place look pristine. You can then hire the same crew again after the wedding is over because you should expect quite a mess after the event as well.

Get the Catering Booked in Advance

Check out your options when it comes to local catering companies that offer the types of foods and drinks that you want to have at your wedding. Depending upon your budget and your preferences, you can spend a lot of your budget, or a little of it, on this aspect of your at-home wedding. The key, though, is to do plenty of research so that you find the right caterer that will deliver everything just as you expected. Then make sure you allocate the right amount of space for your caterer to be able to deliver all of the yummy food and set it out for your guests to enjoy.

Get the Right Permits

When hosting a wedding at home, you will also need to purchase the appropriate permits that will ensure you are allowed to host the event in the first place. Check your local laws to find out what types of permits you need and how much they will cost. You may also need to have your property inspected by electricians and the fire department to ensure everyone’s safety. Plus, you will need to figure out the local noise and parking ordinances to determine if there is a restriction on how long your party can last into the night and how loud the event can be, as well as where your guests can park.

As you can see, a lot is involved in planning an at-home wedding, but the rewards will definitely be worthwhile. However, if you decide that you would rather rent out a venue to have your wedding at, you can check out wedding venues in Essex for some great and affordable options. No matter what you decide, though, keep your budget and all of the wedding details in mind throughout the planning process for the best results.

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