How to Prepare Authentic BBQ Food at Any Time of Year

As another British summer comes to a close, many of us resignedly pack away the BBQ and miserably accept that the social gatherings around a smoky stack of delicious food has come to an end.

But it doesn’t have to.

BBQ food

There are now a number of cool new kitchen gadgets available that let you recreate those fantastic summertime flavours indoors, at any time of year.


Steaks, sausages, burgers, prawns and vegetables all taste great when grilled, and although that’s possible in a conventional oven, it never tastes quite the same as when it’s cooked on a BBQ. Plus, you miss all the fun of flipping, poking and displaying your awesome cooking prowess over it.

If you love the process of barbequing food as much as the flavour, then you need a Siemens Domino BBQ Grill Hob.

These nifty little hob units are compact, high-performance grills that can either serve as an addition to your standard cooking equipment, or with a few more complementary components, a replacement of it.

Although we’re looking at grilling here, other Domino units by Neff are available for wok cooking, hot-plates for Teppanyaki or conventional electric and gas rings for pan cooking.

But, back to BBQ food.

With a grill-top Domino hob you can sear, char and crisp your BBQ foods to perfection. They’re suitable for marinated or skewered treats and are easy to clean.


No BBQ would be complete without that distinctive smoky taste and aroma and now, you can achieve that at home with a smoking gun or stove top smoker.

smoking wood chips

If you get both, you can actually give pretty much anything you like a smoky taste, the trickiest part will be deciding which wood-smoked flavours to use, there are loads available in supermarkets or online including apple, hickory, bourbon, cherry or oak.

A stovetop smoker works on any kind of hob and is a self-contained unit so you can give any meal an authentic BBQ flavour without filling your kitchen with clouds of aromatic smoke.

Simply add whatever you’d like to cook; fish, meat or poultry along with your preferred choice of wood chip flavourings and get cooking!

It’s not only a fun way to cook food, it’s healthy too. Without the need for added fats or oils, your meal will be moist, tender and absolutely delicious.

Alternatively you could use a smoking gun. Unlike the stovetop device, this produces cold smoke so you can use it to flavour almost any food type without changing its texture or initiating any sort of cooking process.

Not only does it give you great flavours; it’s great fun to use and will quickly have you trying to smoke all sorts of weird and wonderful things like fruit and beverages – why not?!

With the authentic BBQ flavours taken care of, it’s time to turn your attention to all those tasty accompaniments.

Slice some onions and slow-cook them in a frying pan on the hob until they turn translucent and caramelise. Wrap some corn on the cob in tin foil, add a generous knob of butter and bake them in the oven and then serve some fresh salads to go with them.

Welcome your guests, open some drinks and there you have it, a perfect indoor BBQ for any time of year.

To find out more about Domino hobs and other innovative kitchen gadgets and appliances, contact the interior design and installation specialists at LWK Kitchens.

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