Repurposing Old Items: Interesting Decorating Tips for the Creative Homeowner

All the interior design magazines both online and print would show really nice pictures of various rooms in the house that have been given professional treatment by decorators and designers. However, it could be expensive to hire professionals to do the decorating for you.  The décor and fixtures could also run up to a pretty steep decorating budget.  When you let your creativity flow, you will realize that you might already have some items that you can repurpose into interesting quirky decorative items in the house.  Turn old items into new items that will add a personal touch to your living spaces.

old items

Here are a few ideas:

Sewing Machine Table – If you still have your granny’s old sewing machine, you can turn it into a craft table.  A little sanding and staining in the patina that you like, can make the wooden top look new.  Mounting racks on the sides will give you place to store your crafting tools and materials neatly.  Take out the machine for more leg room.  The foot pedal can serve as a foot rest to make your long hours of crafting more comfortable.

Penny Tiles – A lot of people have a collection of pennies in cans and jars.  You can put these coins together to make tiles.  You can arrange the coins side by side on a sheet of matting in your desired size.  Use a strong adhesive to secure the coins in place.  Fill the spaces around the coins with grouting material.  Don’t forget to apply a finishing layer on top to seal and protect the penny tiles.

Mosaic Backsplash – You do not have to throw away chipped or broken dinnerware and ceramic items.  You can break them into small pieces and lay them out to form mosaic tiles.  These mosaic tiles can be used as a new backsplash that would surely add a burst of colour to your kitchen.

Redecorating need not be expensive.  With a little bit of creativity, skill, and elbow grease, you can repurpose your old items for unique and personalized decorating items.  Check out your storage to see what old items are just waiting for you to breathe new life into them.

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