Kitchen Design Ideas: The Perfect Shelving

Properly designed and fitted shelving can add a great amount of attractive storage space to a kitchen of any size or shape, whether you’re talking boutique hotel kitchen interiors or private spaces. It allows for a more innovative use of contours and angles in the walls. Shelving is available in a great variety of different styles and as well as being supremely practical it can also add to the general ambience of a kitchen. So it’s important to choose a style of shelving that will mesh perfectly with the existing cabinetry if you don’t wish to change this, and of course its size needs to suit the range of items you intend storing on it as well.

perfect shelving

Where to install

When deciding on shelving, the first step is to take a walk around the kitchen and examine all the open wall space and also any areas you may decide to renovate to take the new shelving. You may, for instance, decide to take out some older upper cabinetry and replace it with open shelving to lighten the tone of the dark cabinets and create a more open, inclusive ambience to the kitchen. Narrow types of shelving generally impose less on the available space than wider ones and can often be installed above small items of furniture such as a kitchen cart without becoming overbearing.

When it comes to actual construction you can make your own, buy or construct freestanding shelves or else choose shelves to fit from a range of on- and off-line interior design sources.

Use of shelves for storage  

If the kitchen is a small or especially busy one then the maximum possible use needs to be made of all available shelf space. Smaller items can be housed in pottery containers, baskets or bins, which can also be selected to add to the vibrancy and general décor of the kitchen. Consider attractive display options such as large mason jars, canisters and other similar containers for keeping dried goods in on the open shelves. Then use the more narrow shelves to store the smaller items such as peppershakers and also to display more attractive plates. Hooks can be driven in to the underside of shelves close to the work area to hold cups and various utensils and to create a homely, rustic atmosphere in the kitchen as a whole.

At the Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Stratford London, specialist designer of restaurant interiors Martin Brudnizki has even built an open window for the kitchen that looks through to the mall beyond. This entices passers-by to pause and even make a detour, lured in by the busy, attractive appearance of the kitchen environment, where shelving is employed for display as well as for storage.


If you opt for open shelving for most of your kitchen storage you’ll be faced with a few additional choices when it comes to selecting the ware. Everything will effectively be on permanent display, and this can make or break the desired ambience you’re striving for. As kitchen design specialists like Cloud Studios and Daniel Hopwood would tell you, the overall colour scheme should be carried through to the choice of serving pieces, mixing bowls, bake ware and dishes. Some of the shelf space can be used to display various collectibles whilst elsewhere you could stack cookbooks along with baking supplies or vintage pottery.

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