KTV Night with Girl Friends

KTV Room

The early birds in the KTV Room had dinner first.

For the first time in many years, I had a girls’ night out with some old friends and we rented a KTV Room at the Wave Lounge of the Westown Hotelat San Juan Street, Bacolod City.

Their KTV Room could be rented for three hours at P1,500 and was consumable. I think it was great because their food is really good and affordable and the place was really spacious. Fifteen people could still be comfortable inside and have room to dance.

We really had a good time eating, singing and dancing. I really like doing this, the sing-along part (though I would just really sing along with those who are singing) and also hanging out in bars and just listening to live music.

What I don’t like with bars is that people are smoking. And I can’t stand that because I have allergic rhinitis and well, you smell like stale smoke when you come out.

I don’t know why there is such a negative connotation to going to a KTV room and a bar, maybe because of the raunchy dance moves and the people drinking and smoking. If not for these, you could really have a good time singing and dancing with friends and family.

And I really enjoy these because it is a chance to unwind and just enjoy. I thank the girls who were with us that night and for Tati for organizing such a gathering. 😀

KTV night

KTV night was an all-girls' night out.

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