When Is “Too Late” To call in Professional Cleaning Services for Your Carpets?

Have you been putting off having your carpets cleaned by professionals, and now fear that it may be too late to have some qualified assistance hired? Do you feel that your carpets may be too far gone, and are beyond help at this stage?

Whether through fear of being told the carpet needs to be replaced, or just though sheer embarrassment, many people will not call upon professional carpet cleaners if their carpets have been installed for quite a while, and have not had regular attention. However, rarely is it a case where it is “too late” to have professional cleaners come in, and rejuvenate that old carpet.

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A Company With Many Years Experience:

Having “seen it all”, is a phrase that is often bandied around quite often, as a marketing slogan or buzzword. But in our case here at Livermore Carpet Cleaning, we really have! We have seen the worst case scenarios with carpets many times down through the years, and indeed, have seen some hopeless cases with carpeted areas. However, integrity is something we believe in strongly, so we won’t just pay lip service, take your money from you, and clean a carpet that has gone beyond it’s lifetime – we will advise you straight up what to expect.

What is “Too Far Gone” Then?

There are some issues with carpets that you can identify for yourself, that will let you know that they are beyond their life expectancy. So, if you have major tears or rips, or have suffered from a flooding event in your home, then it may be the case that your carpets need to be replaced. However, when it comes to smaller tears in the fabric, there may be some hope of stitching them up to a sufficient level. Odds are, you will be able to identify these issues yourself, and answer the question of “ are these carpets too far gone, and beyond professional assistance?”

Still Unsure?

If you are still unsure, why not get us to size things up for you. Call us today to arrange a consultation, and we can advise you where the land lies, when it comes to your carpets. As we have said already, having seen it all when it comes to carpets, nothing will surprise us. Therefore, there is no cause or need for embarrassment – you should never be ashamed to call in professional help if it is needed.

Some Tips For Self Managed Carpet Maintenance:

To ensure that your carpets see out their full life expectancy, there are a few things you can do at home. Firstly, daily vacuuming is not excessive – it’s recommended. Clean up stains and spills as soon as they are identified. And have your carpets cleaned professionally once per year. This needs to be done, regardless of how attentive you are daily. Following these simple tips will make sure that your carpets see out their full potential.

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