LED Lighting and Its Benefits for Your Home

Most homes are used to traditional incandescent bulbs and fluorescent bulbs for lighting purposes. In the recent years, the call for energy savings resulted in the lesser use of the incandescent and CFC bulbs took on the mainstream. The “daylight” colors that newer bulbs such as fluorescent and CFCs mimics natural outdoor light and has a cooler temperature than incandescent yellow ones.

LED lighting

“LED lighting do well for task and reading lamps, closets, as accent lights,
stairway lights, spot lights, outdoor and flood lights.”

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When LED lights came out, interior and exterior designers have much to say about its energy saving capabilities. Though it first came out with such expensive cost, it has slowly come down making it in line with the benefits of replacing your home’s traditional bulbs with LED options. Many homeowners hesitate on taking the switch to LED because they have grown accustomed to the warmth that comes with yellow incandescent bulbs and some still prefer the less expensive CFC bulbs. Fortunately, LED lighting now is available in either warm white or daylight white. You can also find LED lighting in a variety of shapes, size and wattage to suit every need.

Among the notable benefits that LED lighting is known for are:

  • It remains cool. LED lights are cool to touch, they do not generate heat thus they keep your homes cooler during warmer days.
  • It has a clean light color and also available in warm white to imitate classic lighting options that people are used to.
  • LED lightings are rated to serve users from 35,000 to up to 200,000 hours compared to the usual bulbs you use at home.
  • It uses as much as 90% less energy than other lighting equivalents.

Your home can be fixed with LED lighting for different uses and purpose. They do well for task and reading lamps, closets, as accent lights, stairway lights, spot lights, outdoor and flood lights.

With the decline in prices of LED lights and the growing number of variety available today, it is probably the right time to experiment with your different home lighting needs. LED lighting seems to be a practical choice too – it will last longer and lower your energy consumption by providing cooler and more natural lighting experience.

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