Life is Unfair So Deal With It

There are two things baffling me now.

Situation No. 1 – The meanie with sharp words, twisted perception, and negative attitude gets praised and even approved by persons in authority. Such person is moneyed.

Situation No. 2 – The kind and generous person who touches lives gets maligned, ridiculed, talked about, and even considered outcast. Such person is poor or middle class.

I am not referring to anyone in particular but to our society in general that equates respect with having wealth and position. Is it the power? Is it the material possessions?

Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t have answers. I have more whys than the solutions. But the point is, it is clear that life is not fair and you do not always get what you want. So we just have to deal with it.

I guess the best solution is to pray for courage to change the things that we can and the serenity to the accept the things that we cannot.

So as for the second situation, my suggestion is not to stop doing the things that are right and helpful to others. Let us continue doing good and spur one another to good deeds–is what the Bible says. If you do not get respected, that is fine, because your Father in Heaven sees what you are doing. That is enough praise and approval–if you ask me.

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