Light’emUp! Creative Lamp: A Modern Alternative Decoration

Decorating your home is like adding personality to its charming architecture. Decorating is fun and rewarding but not an easy task though. It will require intuitive sense of style and commitment, and sometimes, it can be a little expensive. If you are one of those who don’t have much of a flair for design, there are simple decorating principles and techniques that can help unleash the interior designer in you. As for the budget, you can opt for DIY, wait for sales or buy decorations that can be used for any occasion.

One best example of decorations that can be used for any season and occasion is the Light’emUp! Creative Lamp. It is made of geometric multi-petaled interlocking materials that can be shaped and reshaped according to your decorating needs. It can be shaped in every style, size and color for any room in your home including your garden and lanai.

modular lamp

modular lamp
Reshaping Light’emUp! Creative Lamp is just like solving a jigsaw puzzle. It’s a fun and incredibly versatile way to make stunning light sculptures that match any occasion like birthdays, Christmas or festivals. Every lamp comes with a copy of instruction and DIY it. Doing it yourself can add creative signature to your lamp but if you don’t have the knack and patience for shaping things, you can bring it over to their store and they will reshape it for free. Yes, you read it right…reshaping is FREE!

modular lamps
Don’t worry about the dust or cobwebs too. Light’emUp! Creative Lamp can be washed with soap and water because it is made from strong, polycarbonate sheets. Just knock down the shades and voila, it’s ready to be washed. For those with a rubber socket inside such as the lantern type, no need to dismantle, you can just spray the lamp with water. It is also color stable and heat resistant. This means the color won’t fade even when used outdoor and exposed under the sun. And the best thing is, it is eco friendly. The shades are recyclable and the bulbs used are energy saving CFL or LED which are energy efficient and long lasting.

Light’emUp! Creative Lamp price ranges from P650-P1,500, depends on the size and design of the lamp. Colors can be customized while you wait without any charge. Lamps can be rented too, for corporate parties, or wedding. For more details and designs, visit Light’emUp! Creative Lamp on  Facebook and Instagram.

Decorating your house doesn’t always mean spending thousands on beautiful cabinetry, countertops, furniture and wall coverings. If you’re in a budget but want to change the feel of your home, all you need to do is use creative lamps  to add drama and enhance the ambiance of your entire home.

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