Living a Life of Leisure

I live in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental–the seat of the sugar industry of the Philippines with a heavy Spanish influence. Negrenses were known for their leisurely lifestyle that was probably introduced by the Spaniards that occupied the province before the war.

And since this province has been blessed abundantly because of the sugar industry, people have enjoyed the glory days of leisurely living where work is not the center of one’s life. Rather, work gave the means to enjoy life.

On my part, I have worked hard since college. Not that I was a working student but I was already hired to work in a local newspaper while I was graduating from college. I worked hard because I needed to. And I still do.

But now I have decided that instead of just working hard and killing myself with stress, I will have to balance my work with leisure. What good is there to be working and earning yet I am so stressed to the point of getting migraines, of vomiting because of hyper-acidity, of getting fat because of stress eating, and of having pimple infestation because of staying late at night cramming with work?

Nope. Not anymore. Will I stop working? No, I will not because I also need to work and earn. However, this blog is going to be my pursuit of leisure and balancing the good and the bad but necessary stress in my life.

May you join in my journey to having a good life. It may not be spent in luxury but who said that wealth should be associated with leisure? You may even pick up an idea or two with enjoying life and being leisurely without spending so much or without spending at all.

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