Living Room Makeovers: A Touch Of Orient

Among many styles of interior design, oriental style attracts attention due to its uniqueness and originality. Oriental decor makes the home more interesting and unusual, and it’s enough to create this atmosphere by adding a few details that will spice up the entire space.


A good change

Oriental decoration, as a fashion trend or a desire for new challenges in interior design will appeal to many who want frequent changes in interior decorating and home. Oriental details can be mixed with conventional designs so that every part of the existing space at home, with minor changes, can feel the spirit of the Orient. Frequent changes freshen up the space, while change of style enriches it.

Complete renovation

Simple interventions in the home will create a new, oriental atmosphere. One such intervention is intervention on partition, non-bearing walls. The usual rectangular frames can be transformed into rounded, arched openings. If the functionality of the home allows, remove the door and connect some rooms. To reinforce the impression, the newly formed walls can be painted in a more pronounced color that will blend with existing colors of the interior.

The importance of details

Oriental atmosphere can be boosted with many details. Wall colors and decorations in the area will create the desired ambiance. The ideal way of introducing oriental atmosphere is to put up oriental souvenirs you brought back from a trip. In such an environment, low club tables and chairs or benches without backrests, decorated with luxurious cushions, which will make the seat more comfortable should be placed. Such changes will create an oriental atmosphere even in a modern interior of neutral decorating style.

Easy tricks

Orient as inspiration is a charming theme which soothes but also refreshes. There are some actually easy steps and things everyone can do without spending too much time and energy for decorating.

1) Lamps
Following the Oriental spirit when decorating the house, forget the central lighting. Instead, set out multiple small lamps with unusual mosaics in the corners of the living room.

2) Bright details
If you do not like the simplicity and monotony of color in modern minimalistic style, set everything up in the oriental style, or at least use the most vivid details that are typical for this style. Mandatory colors are red, as a symbol of happiness, joy and health, as well as orange, bright yellow and green.

3) End tables
End tables made of richly carved wood are an excellent choice for the living room. Don’t forget the pillows in bright colors because they receive substantial attention in oriental style.

4) Wooden, low furniture
There is no exaggeration with the furniture in the oriental style, a chest of drawers and tables are generally low. Dark wood dominates and looks luxurious because it is usually carved and lacquered.

5) Colorful carpets
Every story about the oriental style and its luxury is unthinkable without the famous Persian carpets. You check out some great examples from Zado. These top-quality carpets are handmade, and are therefore very valuable. In addition to representing a decoration on the floor, oriental rugs many regard as true works of art that are sometimes even imbued with religious motifs.

Decorative fabrics and wallpaper with an Oriental theme will successfully create the desired oriental ambience. You can get inspired while watching programs on oriental countries which emphasize the value of their artifacts and the environment. With a little creativity and imagination, your home can adopt the spirit of the Orient and make you see the world through different lenses every day.

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