Look at Something Green

Bonsai at Spa Natura

A Bonsai is the table centerpiece at Spa Natura

If you are stressed or your eyes are tired from reading, working, or staring at your computer screen, look at something green. That has been the advice of stress management experts and eyesight specialists. That will really give your eyes a break and help you unwind.

Whether you are at home or at the office, take at least a five-minute break and go out to the garden. While there, you can also do some breathing exercise to further relax you and increase the oxygen uptake to the break. That will get your mind working again.

If you do not have a garden nearby, install a nice green wall paper or wall decals like the one found at the Blade Spa @ Casino below.

Green Decals

A green scenery was printed on wall decals to make the background of the Blade Spa at Casino very refreshing.

The decal will provide your eyes with the needed rest. And having this color as your wall paper will make your interior really relaxing, just like you are in a spa.

Another green idea would be to put indoor plants inside your home or room. If you want some color, you could bring in a flowering orchid plant like the one found at the lounge of Spa Natura in Bacolod City.

orchid plant

Put a pot of flowering plant inside the house for an uplifting feeling

In the photo above, that is a bonsai on the center table at Spa Natura. It is just lovely to be surrounded with greens inside and outside the room. And I think that is something that I should add inside our room, even though we have a nice garden just outside our bedroom window. Not only do they add color to the room, there is just something nice in having a breathing, living organism like a potted plant inside the room.

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  1. Interesting i like to go there hehe. Happy Green Monday.

  2. thanks for sharing, that’s one cute bonsai. thank you for the interest in featuring me in your blog, will pm you in facebook.

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