Maintaining a Clean Family Home With Pets

There can be few worse feelings than spending an entire Saturday making your family home spotless and pristine, only to come in to the living room later to find it covered with muddy footprints. We all love our pets, but sometimes it can be difficult not to find yourself infuriated with their inability to comprehend just how much time you spent that morning, removing stubborn stains with a mop.

cat on carpet
Luckily, there are many ways to keep your home clean and free of germs so the kids don’t get sick. Some of them start at the basic, prevention end. Brushing your pets is definitely one of the most effective ways to stop the mess arriving on your floor in the first place. Make sure you do it outside, though. By brushing at least once a month you can take off the excess hair that will only end up intertwined with just about everything you own. According to some veterinarians, there are even health benefits for brushing your cat’s hair so regularly, including fewer hairballs that you will have to pick up later down the line.

Bedding is also a literal sticking point for a lot of animal fur. Since, like the rest of us, animals move about when they sleep, it is no surprise to see a reasonable collection of stray fur left by its incumbent the previous night. If you are able to clean this out each day, and give it a good shake in the garden, you can make sure your pet won’t end up redistributing the fur all over your nice, clean house each morning when they wake up.

pet on bedding
Being proactive in trying to deal with a messy pet can also prove very beneficial. If you have a dog or cat flap installed in your home, and they constantly come in with dirty paws, it is something to address right away. You can either decide to take it away completely, and accept the increased responsibility of letting them in and out each time they scratch and mewl at the door, or find a way to take the worst of the dirt off before they can come in and bound about energetically all over the house.

Should you be reading this when the mess has already happened and you’re figuring out the easiest way to get everything back to normal, then look into getting the dirt taken out. Oakville Carpet Cleaning offers an easy, practical solution to take the muddy prints out of what used to be your gorgeous, pristine white rug in the living space. That way, once it is cleaned and brought back to a usable state again, your kids can play on it without you having to worry about what kind of filth they might be rolling in.

While the mess from your pets is never deliberate, that doesn’t mean we should just let it happen. By finding ways to take away the hair and dirt before it gets over every piece of furniture, you might just give yourself a fighting chance to deal with it.

Image source: Pixabay

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