How to Make your Living Room Look Like a Million Dollars Without Spending One

While the budget is a defining part of any interior design, it doesn’t necessarily mean one cannot have a level of luxury at a reasonable price. Careful planning and wise buying can result in something that looks and feels expensive, and by using the right materials, one can create a unique ambience. Of course, one must have a figure in mind that one is prepared to spend, and once this has been decided, one can begin to prioritise.


Design concepts

Whether one is revamping an existing room, or starting from scratch in a new home, the principles are the same. Look at what one has to work with, and decide what to keep from the existing environment, and what to remove. For stylish choices, Claremont furniture from offers a range of excellent furniture items, all at affordable prices.

Furniture choices

The lounge furniture is a focal point, and while it makes sense to go with something comfortable, there are other things to consider, such as durability and ease of cleaning. If modern is the preferred style, why not go for stainless steel and fabric? This allows for a clean and sleek look, and with a range of fabrics and colours, one can always find the right balance. Scandinavian furniture has its own unique appeal, and if one has a large room, a long L-shaped unit in one corner gives a good base from which to start. Matching the fabrics with both the floor and walls means colour co-ordination, and this gives a balanced look to the room.


Hardwood or stone are both hard wearing and durable, and with a few armadillo rugs, the look is complete. Darker floors need lighter shades for the walls, and consider both the natural and artificial lighting, as they will have an effect on the overall ambience of the room. If one would rather have something softer underfoot, acrylic or wool is an ideal material for lounge carpeting, and while it might be expensive, it will last for many years, if cared for properly.

Flowers and potted plants

This is an inexpensive way to jazz up any living room, and with so many species to choose from, one can select something suited to the décor. Pampas grass and evergreen tropical plants always add a touch of depth and texture, and with fresh flowers on the dining table, one can enjoy the dining experience so much more. Artificial flower arrangements are also popular, and apart from the occasional dust, they will remain looking fresh and healthy.

Electrical appliances

The TV and entertainment centre says a lot about the room, and with flat screen choices, they take up little room. Most systems can be integrated, and with small, but high quality speakers positioned correctly, the media experience will always be a good one. Wireless technology can eliminate those clumsy looking cables, and leaves the room looking tidy.

With affordable furniture and the right choice of floor covering, the rest should be easy to co-ordinate, and with the right lighting and screening, the lounge will look like a million dollar project.

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