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I’m Rossel, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology but pursued a career that is in no way related to my course…telecommunications, entrepreneurship and blogging. I have worked in a telecommunications company for 8 years then decided to be a business woman with the intent of profitting financially. When I had my baby, I chose to work from home while managing a small business.

About Home, Life and Leisure

House hunting, building a new home or renovating an old one are all easier said than done due to increasing costs of contractors, materials and everything. Home, Life and Leisure intends to make its readers’ life a little easier by providing some helpful tips and information on how to spot a good home, how to innovate and design a home or an office, and how to unleash the readers’ creativity and talent in designing.

What are Home, Life and Leisure’s main topics?

Home Improvement
Interior Designs
Home Keeping Solutions
Office Improvement
Do-it-yourself Projects
Real Estate
Green Living Ideas

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You may email at for the rates and to know more on how we can work together. Rest assured that I work professionally and always adhere to strict schedules and deadlines.

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