Mold and How to Deal with It

Mold is a huge problem for some homes. People who live in humid regions can experience more mold than others. Not all mold is toxic; however, mold causes many problems for people. It can make them sick. Mold is not a virus, but the human immune system recognizes mold as a foreign body. The immune system goes after an allergen and produces mucus to rid of it. While fighting the allergen, the immune system weakens the body, which can make a person more susceptible to sickness.

After a flood, mold is especially problematic. It’s important to thoroughly remove water in the home. Mold spores float through the air and seek out any moisture to grow. It’s important to get a backwater valve Toronto. People who have had floods know that backwater valve installation Toronto prevents flooding. If the carpet is wet, full extraction can help to remove most of the water; however, it is important to open up windows and doors to increase air circulation. In addition, fans can help to dry things much quicker. 

It’s important to have air circulating in the home, in general, to avoid mold. Sunlight naturally kills mold and its spores. Allowing sun to enter the home helps to reduce mold. Bleach can be used in bathrooms and the kitchen to kill mold. In other part of the house, a mixture of water and vinegar can be used to kill mold. It’s better to avoid mold because once it begins growing in the home, it spreads. 

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