Multitasking and Short-term Memory Loss

Studies have linked chronic, high stress multitasking under intense pressure to short term memory loss. Multitasking actually makes a person more inefficient because it reduces the brain power needed to perform each task.
-Deborah Smith Pegues-

I got this quote from a friend and it seems really true in my life. You see, I love to multi-task up to the point of feeling nauseated because of too much stress. While it does not make me feel good, the result of multitasking, which is accomplishing many things in a short span of time, gives me a sigh of relief.

However, it does affect me really bad. Sometimes, I breeze and hurry through things that when my husband asks me about something I did or said in the past 30 minutes, I could not even remember it. Imagine that! Sigh… I just attribute it to the fact that I had undergone Caesarian Section when I gave birth, but I think that is just one facet and most of my short-term memory loss is really because of stress and multitasking.

Really, I should really slow down a bit, de-clutter my life, and give more time for rest. My concern now is how to increase my income level so that I will not have to work so much to earn the same or to even earn more money?

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  1. same here, i multi-task a lot. to the point of “mix-matching” the tasks:) earlier, i was batch cooking in the kitchen while doing the laundry, then, i accidentally pour in coco cream into our “kanin” which was supposed to be for the “biko” that was meant for this afternoon’s snack. hahayzzz. that’s what we are…forever busy moms. i can sooo relate:)

    (visiting from FBU)

    • Happy Face says

      hahahaha my gosh! hay…corek ka dyan! buti nga lang ako, wala nang laundry. all i have to do is place the fresh laundry in my cabinet and i couldn’t even do it pa. hay ewan. thanks for the visit sis!

  2. c5 @ says

    I think that is my problem too…I can focus, though, if I set myself to do so and it is as if there is a soundproof wall around me and those outside that enclosure cannot get my attention. As for easily forgetting, I attribute it to age. 😛

  3. Awww. D na raw kasi tayo mag-multitask. I read somewhere that multitasking is not really good. If we wanted to accomplish something, better focus on one task at a time. 🙂

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