Do-It-Yourself Natural Home Fresheners

A good smelling home is a home you dream about even when you are busy at work or at school. The smell of home can easily relax and sooth tired mind and bodies after a long day. This is why many homeowners do everything to make their homes smell clean and fresh anytime of the day. Home air fresheners are easily available in stores but most of these contain chemicals that are hazardous to your family’s health. Moreover, some of these fresheners do not really last long enough and still leaves an unpleasant smell in the air. A way to counter this and save money from ineffective air freshener is to make some do-it-yourself natural home fresheners.

DIY home fresheners

To save money from ineffective air freshener, make
some do-it-yourself natural home fresheners.

Making Home Fresheners at Home

Start with a 2 quart pitcher of water and add 2 tablespoons of vinegar, then add your other ingredients. Pour the mixture into a deep pan and wait for it to boil. It is ideal to use stoves when preparing these home fresheners instead of using ceramic burners. Boiling temperature will allow scented natural ingredients to dissolve easily and properly. Be sure to have enough water and do not let the water become too low otherwise the ingredients will burn out. Avoid standing over the pan while it is boiling because inhaling the ingredients can also be dangerous. Here are some great natural home freshener mixes you can create on your own.

Earthly Scent

This homemade scent is a combination of dried leaves and broken twigs mixed with vanilla extract. Use leaves or twigs that reminds you autumn and the smell of earth such as sandalwood, rose petals and others.

Orange Spice

Combine 2 sliced oranges, dried leaves and twigs of citrus plants, a tablespoon of cinnamon and natural vanilla extract. If there is somebody asthmatic in the family, you might have to forego the twigs and leaves but don’t worry you will still have a great smelling natural home freshener.

Lilac Spring Scent

Lilac flowers are easy to find during spring but they are not usually sold in florist shops because they dry up quickly. You can just handpick 3 to 4 bunches of a blooming bush to create a unique scent for your home. Lilac has a very strong scent so if you have allergies this might not be good to use for your home.

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