Non-toxic Household Cleaning Products

Cleaning is an activity that requires great attention and determination. You want your home to be perfectly sanitised and well looked after, as this can guarantee that no dangers lurk there in the form of dust and allergens. Furthermore, cleaning is the only way to make sure you enjoy stepping in your home after a long day. There is nothing quite like walking in a refreshed room that has been thoroughly cleaned.

Non-toxic Household Cleaning Products

Cleaning surely is important, but what is also important is what solutions you choose for the task. Great many cleaners have dangerous ingredients that pose a real threat to human health. Fact is that such products can be indeed useful in domestic cleaning tasks provide quick and efficient results, but the truth is they can be dangerous and you will do well to avoid them. You definitely do not want to use such products, especially if you have children and pets in the home.

Instead, you can turn to some unusual methods of home cleaning – using natural cleaning recipes that feature a number of items you certainly have in your home right now, at this very moment. The ingredients may sound ridiculous to you, but truth is they can certainly do the job very effectively and provide fantastic results. Below is a short list of unusual non-toxic products that you can consider for your everyday domestic cleaning chores.


Vinegar is the superhero of the natural cleaning solutions that you can use in your home. You may not have considered this before, but vinegar can be used for a wide range of home cleaning chores in great many areas of your home. All of that without being expensive. Fighting off odors, dealing with stains on the carpet, window cleaning and no-wax floor cleaning are just few of the uses you can have of vinegar. This miracle ingredient can also be included in a recipe for a wonderful all-purpose cleaner. Mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle and work around countertops and surfaces around your home. Not only will it clean and disinfect the areas, but it will also very effectively remove unpleasant odors. For this reason you can consider using vinegar as bathroom cleaner – tub, sink, fixtures and glass will shine as new. The all-purpose cleaner that features vinegar makes perfect solution for window cleaning – simply spray and wipe with a clean cloth.

Lemon juice

If you go and ask your grandmother, chances are lemon juice is one of the things she used to clean a whole lot of things. Thanks to lemon juice, you can have brass, copper and silver shine as good as new in no time at all. It also does amazing job in removing lingering smells – we all know how the smell of fish can linger for days. With lemon juice this problem will be no more. You can also use it in a great number of kitchen cleaning chores. Use it to disinfect and shine your garbage disposal area – it will disinfect and deodorise it with ease. Additionally, lemon juice is very effective against soap-scum and deposits of hard water.

Baking soda

Baking soda is perfect for scrubbing surfaces, just like a huge number of the chemical products already present on the market. Difference is soda is harmless and truly cheap, but quite effective! You use it to clean concrete surfaces and tiles, stubborn oil spills in your garage and fight pet odor in your rooms. Soda is great in cleaning soap scum from your bathroom, as well unclog your drains if you have such a problem. One famous use of baking soda is oven cleaning – it can help with the task easy and efficiently.

These are just few of the non-toxic household cleaning products that you can effectively use. They are not only cheap and readily available, but also efficient and will leave your home cleaner than ever!

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