Outside Décor as a Reflection of Your Self

An Englishman’s home is his castle, or so the English have been wont to say. But an American’s home is his republic, and as such we take just as much pride in them. Nothing so cements this pride as making the home an outward expression of who we are, ourselves. Our values, our ideals, our perceptions on beauty and how we view the world around us tend to be reflected in our homes.

As a new or long-time homeowner, how can you use your home as an extension of your self-expression?


Nothing is quite so quintessentially American as flying the good ol’ red, white, and blue on your property. Whether it’s affixed to an actual flag pole or draped from the front porch, you can’t express pride in your country as vocally any other way before it becomes a bit much.

Of course people can also fly other flags from their property. Some may also fly the state flag, sports enthusiasts may fly the flag of their favorite sports team (especially when the season is on), while those more in touch with their heritage may fly a flag associated with their ancestry. Irish Americans may fly the Irish tricolor as often as the Stars and Stripes. Some families even design their own crests to fly above their homes. With online print shops like Build a Flag, you can stake your claim in any way you like, even designing your flag on their website.

Flowers and Plants

Homeowners wanting to showcase a green thumb are especially fond of planting extensively around their home. The effect this may have, of course, depends on the plants planted and how they’re arranged. A vegetable and herb patch, for example, might reflect a sense of self-sufficiency, and a love for home cooking and hard work, while a garden full of sweet-smelling flowers may suggest a love for the finer things in life in someone who views their yard as a place to relax than work.

Beyond that, plants also allow a homeowner to soften and accentuate the natural shape of their house. Ivy climbing up a wall, trees and shrubs in the yard, and flowers in pots around the porch and the windowsills can quickly create a scene of picturesque serenity, and help to make the house seem more unique.

Be aware, of course, that plants and flowers all require maintenance. If you don’t have the time for weekly gardening, or lack the money to hire someone to do it for you, this might not be your cup of tea.


Statues have been used to decorate gardens for as long as gardens have been around. As with flowers, the choice of statue can often reflect the tastes and attitudes of the person who owes them. A statue of the Virgin Mary or St Francis has markedly different connotations to a ceramic garden gnome or pink flamingo, for example.

Fences, Hedges, and Other Barriers

Practical décor has many options for the homeowner as well. In this case, we’re talking about the various barriers people use to mark where the street ends and their yard begins. This offers both a measure of security, privacy, and another way to make the yard or garden seem more homely.

A picket fence is traditional suburbia. It marks clearly were the yard is and its limits and prevents people from just walking across it, yet at the same time it’s also inviting and homey. You can look over and through a picket fence, and the design may even come off more charming than forbidding. Other homeowners may prefer the natural look of a hedge, however, while still others may prefer the privacy of a high brick wall.

As always, the choice is personal preference.

Lawn Furniture

Your lawn furnishings include everything from tables and chairs, to BBQs and hot tubs. During the winter these may need to be covered or stored away to protect them from the elements, but during the summer they can really add just that extra sense of personality needed for a person’s home. A BBQ suggests a homeowner who loves to entertain with a meal in the yard, while a hammock suggests a desire for easy living and relaxation.

There’s also a measure of success displayed in what furniture you have, but try not to be involved in a competition with the neighbours. Ultimately, the only thing that matters is your personal enjoyment.

Image source: © Irina88w dreamstime.com


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