Outside Spring Cleaning Projects

It may not feel like it right now in certain parts of the country, but spring is definitely on its way. With that comes the traditional springtime cleaning, as there’s nothing like the emergence of a new season to put you in the mood for improving your home and living space. And as the weather improves and gets warmer, there’s seldom a better chance to prep your back and front yard in anticipation for the summer. There are plenty of outside spring cleaning projects for you to get stuck into, especially if you’ve been neglecting the yard during the winter months.

Of course, there’s no reason why you have to wait until spring in order to do these tasks. If you find time slips away from you, or you’d rather get started now, then all power to you in undertaking these outdoor projects. However, spring simply offers the best opportunity in terms of weather and activity. Ideally, you should start around the beginning of March, with most of your tasks finished by the time you hit the middle of April.

That said, work at your own pace.

Clear Up the Detritus

Over the previous winter and fall, your gutters and yard have probably accumulated a fair amount of general rubbish, especially if your yard and neighbour have a fair amount of trees in them. Get ready to encounter everything from moss, dead leaves, and dead branches left scattered about to ruin an otherwise picturesque view.

As the weather warms up, you can also expect weeds to quickly start growing from where they’ve been left dormant during the darker months. As these begin to show, you’ll need to work fast to remove them. The lawn will probably also need cutting and the hedges trimmed.

Spend the first few projects going through your yard and systematically removing anything particularly offensive to your discerning eye, starting from the more visible front yard, moving to the back, and finally finishing with the roof and gutters. Other homeowners may also recommend starting with your gutters and drains first, as if they’re left for too long they may start to become clogged up and fail to drain rainwater adequately.

Gutter Repair

As well as cleaning your gutters, make sure you take the opportunity to repair them too, especially if you’ve experienced any wild weather during the winter. A gutter that is in ill-repair is more likely to sag, list, or lean away from its bearings in the wall, which affects its ability to drain water away.

This, in turn, makes it more likely that water will start to build up and leak down the side of the external walls and the windows. If left unchecked, the result will be the growth of damp and mildew within the house. Even worse, this kind of leaking can even damage your foundation! Hiring a professional gutter cleaning company, such as Aerotech, can aid you in the proper maintenance.

Clean the Windows

While you’re outside, do not forget to clean your windows as well during your spring cleaning. Rainwater, pollen and frost can all leave their mark – literally – on your window panes. Not only does this make them look rather unpleasant, but it can also prevent light from properly getting into the house, leaving rooms looking dark and gloomy. If you have any screens, empty any fluff and dead insects from within them as well.

You can pick up window cleaning supplies from any supermarket or home improvement store, or else warm soapy water will work as well provided you rinse the windows and wipe them down with a dry cloth afterwards to prevent water marks and streaks.

Plan and Sow the Year’s Flowers

It’s during this time of your that you need to consider what you want to grow in your garden. Certain flowers, vegetables, and plants will only grow during certain seasons, for example, so you need to plant the year’s growth well in advance to make sure you’re ready. Take some time to think about what you’d like to grow in your garden, and sow those seeds now.

Prepare the Fittings

As well as the garden itself, take the time to sort out the space around it. If you have any decking or a front/back porch, then chances are it may have gotten dirty since you last used it. The same with your BBQ, if you have one – when was the last time you gave it a deep clean?

If you have a garden fence and gate, you should also make sure that it’s in good repair. This is especially true if you have children or pets; you don’t want them to accidentally break through a weakened fence. Spend some time walking along it to check for any loose fittings or signs of rot, and take the opportunity to make repairs if you find any. Giving your fence a lick of good paint can also help better protect it against the elements.

Your garage would probably also benefit from you taking the time to go through what’s within it and sorting out anything worth keeping from anything that’s probably better gotten rid of. Most people’s garages tend to become something of a dumping ground for objects that don’t obviously belong somewhere else, and as a result can make the space look cluttered. As the year goes on and more miscellaneous doodads are acquired, this will only get worse. If you ever want to get the most out of your garage, take the to clean it out.

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