Paint Stripping Methods for Walls and Furnishings

Chipped, crazed, and peeling surfaces in your walls or furnishings can diminish the decorative value of your interiors. Unfortunately, the solution for these unsightly marks is not as simple as retouching the affected areas. You would have to strip the paint before covering it up with a new one. The same is required should you decide to give walls and furnishings a new look or a new finish. Stripping away the paint from surfaces can be a difficult task if you do not have the right tools and technique for the job. So here are some tidbits that can help you prepare before getting down and dirty with paint stripping.

paint stripping

One of the first things that you should check before deciding on a paint stripping method is the existing paint or finish of the chipped surface. Oil based paints have different properties than water based paints and would therefore have a different method for stripping. Old and hardened oil based paints would also require a stronger paint stripper or a more powerful tool compared to the ones used for new latex finishes. It will be easier for you to decide on a stripping method to use once you have determined the type of paint or finishing and surface that needs to be stripped.

Sanding, Heat Stripping, and Chemical Stripping can be used to remove chipped or peeling paint. Sandpaper with different grits or sanding tools can be used for the first method. Hand sanding is good for stripping small areas with one layer of paint or delicate furnishings. You will only need three types of sandpaper (coarse, medium grit, and fine grit) and your physical strength to sand off the old paint. If the job is for larger surfaces and furniture with multiple layers of paint, then it is time to bring out a power sander or mechanical sanders.

Heat Stripping makes use of a blowtorch or a heat gun to effectively remove paint or varnish from wood. This can be a bit tricky because holding these tools in one position longer than it needs can burn the surface, or worse, set it on fire.

Chemical Stripping is perhaps the easiest method of paint stripping. All you have to do is spray or apply the chemical stripper on the paint, let it sit for a few minutes to soften the paint or varnish, then scrape it off easily. However, you have to check the labels for harmful content and strictly follow instructions for your own safety.

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