How to Have a Peaceful Bedroom

After a hard day’s work, all you want to do is end the day with serenity. More often than not you find serenity in your bedroom, the haven that keeps you from the stressful, noisy world…a peaceful bedroom that makes all of your senses feel good. Below are helpful tips on how to have a peaceful bedroom.

peaceful bedroom

A peaceful bedroom makes all of your senses feel good.

Choose Tranquil Paint Colors

Paint the bedroom with pale or soft colors. Bright colors stimulates brain that makes it difficult to relax while soft colors create calming ambiance that relaxes the mind. The best paint colors to use in the bedroom are white, lighter shades of green, pink, yellow and soft blues. These colors can knock you of with more than 7 hours of sleep.

Add Soothing Earthy Scents in Your Bedoom

Soothing scents relaxes the mind helping you to handle stress from work. Earthy scents will remind you of the nature and will help you surrender in a peaceful slumber. The five best scents are pine, lavender, chamomile, jasmine and vanilla.

Filter Sunlight With Curtains

Bright sunlight energises us. Use sheer curtains to filter the sunlight and create peaceful glow in the bedroom. Remember that the bedroom should be calming and comfortable, designated only for sleep and making love.

Clear Off a Wall

Most of the time your mind wanders when you are in bed and about to sleep. To relax your mind, keep the wall across your bed bare. Blank spaces helps to keep your mind from wandering.

Have Plants in the Bedroom

Plants in the bedroom add serenity making you feel relaxed and closer to nature. It is also beneficial to your health. It improves the quality of the air you breath by adding oxygen and purifying the air. Some of the plants that are good in bedroom are lavender, parlor palm, snake plant, mint , lemon shrub and scented geranium.

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