Prep Your Christmas Decor List for 2015

The Christmas Season has started already and it’s time to bring out the festive decors and bring the Christmas spirit into your homes. There is no need to spend a lot on new decors when you still have old ones that can be used. With a bit of creativity, you can give your home a fresh new look using old decors from last year. But first you must envision a theme or a look that you want to achieve for the entire house. Then take a look at your old inventory and transform them into items to fit your theme. Having a Christmas decor list can help ensure that you’ll have everything you need in this project.

Christmas decor

At the top of the list is the Christmas tree. The holidays will not be complete without this traditional Christmas decor. Fresh evergreen trees with candles, ornaments, stringed popcorn, and a star or angel on top make a standard Christmas tree in the old days. Now, people are more creative in making trees for the holidays. There are now trees made from a bunch of twigs and acorns, hoops and strings, metals, etc. If your old tree is not up to the job anymore then you may consider upcycling items in the household.

Your Christmas tree will not be complete without lights and ornaments. Check lights and ornaments for signs of damage. You may want to include replacements for damaged lights in your Christmas decor list to make sure that you have enough to cover indoor and outdoor requirements. You can put photos of family members as tree ornaments to give it a personalized feel.

Wreaths and garlands are traditional decors to dress up walls and windows. You can use bows, scrapbooking tools, and other arts and craft materials left over from school projects in designing wreaths and garlands. But if you have the budget for it then you can hit the stores and get trendy materials for your decors. Christmas Stockings are commonly used for decorating mantles, staircases, and walls. Just don’t forget to put goodies in your kids’ stockings on Christmas Eve.

The items on your Christmas decor list depend on how you plan to decorate your home for the holidays. Aside from those mentioned above, Christmas Lanterns, Mangers, Santa Claus, and Snowman are popular decorative pieces. If you don’t have your list ready yet, then now is the time to work on it.

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