Re-purposing Different Items at Home

Don’t you just get tired of seeing and using the same things over and over again in your house? Or maybe you might have an oversupply of particular items at home that you do not need. Whatever the case may be, you can find uses for things that you might not find useful anymore. You can re-purpose a variety of items at home. From furniture to small things like mugs and picture frames, you can turn everyday things into creative masterpieces. These re-purposed items are uniquely yours and will give your home a distinct character. Here are some ideas:

DIY pen holder

mug as pen holder

Mugs as utensil holder or pen holder – most homes have an oversupply of mugs even though the homeowners do not really buy them on a regular basis. These mugs are popular as gifts for all occasions. Just think about the previous holidays. How many mugs did you get as gifts? You can re-purpose these mugs as utensil holders or pen holders. Pick out mugs with complementary designs and line them up on your study or work table. These mugs can hold your pens, markers, and other office supplies. Or, you can keep these mugs in your kitchen and use them to hold your utensils or cooking implements like ladles, turners, spatulas, and beaters.

DIY curtain

table napkins as curtains

Table napkins as curtains – you might have table napkins that you do not want to use anymore. Turn them into curtains by sewing their edges together much like you would with quilting squares. Don’t forget to take measurements so your finished product will be just the right size for your windows.

DIY message board

picture frame as message board

Picture frames as message boards – another common items at home that are oversupply  are picture frames. You can turn these picture frames into message boards by replacing the glass with a sheet of cork or perhaps even a metal sheet. These picture frames can be decorative as well as practical as message boards.

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